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About Me

Welcome to my blog.
I am the Granola Catholic. How did I get to be the Granola Catholic?  Well it all started in a small New England town.  I grew up the daughter of an Irish/German Catholic married to a wonderful, kind man.  My mother was a breastfeeding, organic gardening, food co-op making, home sewing, canning, Sunday School teaching mother to three.  When she decided that she did not like the “new” ciriculum that the nuns were teaching at CCD she ordered Baltimore Catechism books for not only us but the other kids in our Sunday School Classes. 
My dad built our house from the ground up, literally he operated the heavy equipment that dug the foundation.  He was thrifty and did not waste a single penny. He saved them all and was still rolling pennies until he physically could not.  He cut wood every year for the Franklin Stove to heat the house.  He started and built a successful business.
When I was a young girl, my role models were Laura Ingalls, and Louisa May Alcott. I read every single book they both published.  I not only wanted to live in the 19th century like they did, I wanted to be a writer,

In  high school  I  became a preppy. I wore the kilts, loafers and blazers. I aspired to that life style. In college I got a business degree. My dad’s idea of a practical degree.  I had yuppie aspirations then.   But I also got a BA in Linguistics, my passion.  I later finished a degree in French too. Yes I am over educated.  Instead of working in mergers and acquisitions like I aspired to in college I ended up working for museums and non-profits. I absolutely loved it. It combined all the parts of me, the business, and the creative parts. I met the most interesting people working there too.

So how did I get to be granola ? Looking back, I have always been granola. I was brought up that way. But   I got back to roots when my kids were born. Well I guess I have my marriage and children to thank for that.  After getting married I desired to live a more natural lifestyle. To get off all medications., to rid myself of my chemical sensitivities, and allergies.  I began by visiting the health food store near our little town house. I think I was there every other day. I began to read more natural health books. I decided to get off of birth control pills. Yes I used those when I first got married.  I was led to a Couple to Couple League teaching couple where we learned about and began to practice Natural Family Planning.    I became interested in herbs and herbal formulations.  We bought our little farm when I was pregnant with Pi, we have been renovating it ever since.   When I had my children I was stubbornly determined to raise them as natural as I could. When Pi did not want to nurse easily, I stubbornly kept at it until she succeeded.  When it was time for my maternity leave to be over, I made the not so easy decision to stay home. Pi was a high maintenance baby and needed someone who could devote time to her and help her thrive. And thrive she has.  Staying home while my kids were young was not always easy, at times money was tight but it was the right decision.  I have learned to be resourceful,  how to cook Real Food for the Family, learned about natural remedies, and rediscovered my roots in organic gardening. 


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