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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Real Food can be REAL Easy

Real Food Whole Health

There is a common assumption that Real Food has to be Real Hard, that it takes a lot of time that it is expensive.  I disagree. Yes Real Food does take some work. You are not reheating and serving, unless YOU previously made it. I do not make everything all day from scratch, nor do I spend all day in the kitchen cooking. Some of my meals take less than 20 minutes. Some of are easy crockpot meals.
Real Food takes a lot of time. Last week I made Breakfast for Dinner. A meal like that  can be ready in less than 30 minutes at home. I made  Eggs, Buckwheat Pancakes, Fresh Pineapple, Real Maple Syrup and Bacon. How easy was this meal. I used a prepared box mix, my eggs I bought at school from one of the FFA students, the bacon I got at Aldi’s. as I did the pineapple.
 Cost break down
Eggs $1.00 (6 eggs at $1 for 12 – for pastured chickens)
Buckwheat Pancake Mix  $2.09
Pineapple .99
Bacon    1.89
 Real Maple Syrup $1.11 an ounce – mom pours it on
Total cost  $8.19 for a family of 5
Cost per person $1.64

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Plain Catholic said...

We bought a yard sale juicer and have been enjoying mango orange smoothies and slushies. Delish and nutrish.

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