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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ten Reasons I Choose Organic Gardening



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I have always gardening organically. I just did not know it was organic. I thought it was how gardening was done. I did not know another way to garden. My mother always had a garden and as I could remember it was all natural. I can remember my Dad going to get seaweed to put on the garden.

I started gardening on my own in our little townhouse when we first got married. We had a little strip of dirt within our closed in patio. I don’t remember HOW many bags of mulch soil and compost I dumped on our 2"’ x 4’ dirt strip. My husband laughed, lovingly and called me a dirt farmer.

I have continued to garden organically because it makes sense.

  • I can get food in about 2 minutes. Just a few steps from the kitchen door.
  • You can pick your food anytime you want to. With bug sprays and fertilizers you have to wait to pick your food as it may not be safe for consumption
  • I don’t have to worry about where to store toxic chemicals. I have three children and many pets. I don’t want to worry about them getting into chemicals that may harm them. Pesticides and Fertilizers are toxic to pets and people.
  • I get to choose what to grow what I want. CSA’s and the farmer’s market are wonderful, but when I garden myself I get to choose what to plant. I can plant what my family likes to eat.
  • Gardening is a relaxing activity for me. Tending my garden beds in the evening is a great way to unwind.
  • I save money over buying at the Farmer’s Markets. Don’t get me wrong I love farmers markets as do my kids. They can’t wait to go on a Saturday morning.
  • With Organic Gardening my kids can join me in the garden,  My oldest has discovered the joy of weeding and how relaxing it can be.
  • I invest very little money in my gardening. This year I spent about $25 in seeds and plants to start my garden. I figure I will break even after I harvest the kale and spinach. Bonus some of the herbs are perennials.
  • With organic gardening my kids can join me in the garden. My oldest has discovered the joy of weeding. She finds it “very Zen” Her words.

If you are gardening this year I hope you will share what  is going on in your garden. I would love to hear your stories, successes, flops even. What are you growing this year?



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Jackie said...

I wish I had a garden! We live in an apartment so it's a no-go. But we do have lots of houseplants and I'm gonna try to grow some basil in my window sill!

granola catholic said...

Jackie, garden where you can. I think basil in the window sill is a great place to start. When I was in Paris I loved seeing the mini-gardens on fire escapes and balconies.

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