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Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes–Poison Ivy and Track

It is Friday so that means the weekly round up of some more interesting stuff happening around here.



My Poor Peanut got poison ivy again. On the face again. She seems to always get it on her face. So we have started our poison ivy treatments. Since writing this it seems the poison ivy has gotten bad enough to warrant a doctor's trip. She is miserable enough to need steroids. So Deacon G will be taking her to  doctor while I go to dentist for a cracked tooth(never a dull moment here.)


Peanut also got her first track cleats. They are really nifty. the tie and zip. We ordered online, free shipping and big discount, along with lots of humor. I made sure she tried them on when she got them. It must have taken her 15 minutes to get them on, because they fit soo well. I wish I had video taped it all so I could share it but you will have to imagine her getting the shoe horn stuck in her shoe with the foot. Really I did not mean to laugh at my baby girl.


Which brings me to the next point. It is generally not a good idea to scratch your poison ivy with your track cleats.


Did I tell you that Pi is singing song called “The Poison Ivy Blues  for the school musical. Yup true story, however Pi never gets poison ivy blues.


Funny story, Peanut who is doing track for the first time, hence the track cleats just said “I want to qualify for state” followed by “what’s state?” Have I mentioned I love my kids?


Pi who has opted not to do track has been asked by several coaches why she is not doing track? With her long Amazon legs she is fairly fast. Her response was to the coach “I am really more of a cross country sort of girl, I don’t see a point in running around in a circle.”


Since I am a nascent track parent I am clueless about all things track. Well not quite, but lets just say I am. Deacon G on the other hand is quite conversant on the subject. (He having been on the track team in high school and later in college a track trainer and manager, and worked on the field at the Atlanta Olympics),  I will let you guess who goes to practices and meets with the coach. Yup me, cause I don’t know anything about track. (expect that is generally not good to come in last place)

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Unknown said...

LOL! My son is in track for the first time this year. I know NOTHING! The coach must think my kid has one of those hovering mothers because I'm sonstantly asking questions.

He did cross country in the fall, but that was easy - show up at the meets, cheer your kid, go home. High school track is a whole new ballgame. They're serious about track at this school - practice runs from 2:30 to 5pm every day after school, and they really do practice! My son comes home exhausted and takes a 2-hour nap every day. The good part? Track is making him more responsible in other parts of life, like chores at home and schoolwork!

I('m still trying to figure out the whole track shoes thing. Apparently, there are times to use them, times to use them with the spikey things, and times to just use running shoes. I'm not afraid to ask stupid questions, but the looks I get when I ask are quite humbling!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Alicia, I am so lucky my husband was a trainer and manager for a big college track team. He is my go to guy, for all things track. For me who has coached soccer it is a relief to just sit back and be the mama for a change. Plus I consider it a benefit to not know anything. The less I know the less I have to do? Peanut is just in 6th grade but is doing track with the 7th and 8th graders. I have never had a kid play up before this is a whole new thing for me. Maybe we can learn together.

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