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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Praying for Rain

As I sit here and write this we have been living under a plume of smoke for the last two days. Forest and grass fires are blanketing the area. Many are large enough to see on satellite, smoke plumes show up on radar. Our small community here is especially affected. Volunteer fire fighters as well as companies from several of the surrounding towns have been fighting a fire since Sunday, that is two days. The fire has been up to 2 miles wide and is hard to get to.
Sitting in my house tonight I can smell the smoke. When I went to Tulsa I could still smell the smoke. I am sure the 40mph winds are NOT helping the matter.
Since our local fire department is a volunteer one, they rely on the help of the high school students who have been trained. These boys are missing school, to help keep neighbor’s houses safe. 
We have one more day of high winds and then we should be getting rain. Even without the fires, rain is sorely needed as this area has been in a drought now for many months.


Caitlin said...

Father God, You know the needs of your people who honor You. May you spare all of them and their neighbors, too. Your mighty hand stretches out before them and before they can utter a word, you know their request. Please, Lord, keep all safe and surround their dwellings with Your holy angels for protection. Keep those young people who are fighting for others under Your Mother's mantle and save them from any and all harm.

Thank you, Lord. We praise Your precious and holy Son's name, Jesus. Through all, may YOU be given the honor and glory.

God's grace,


Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...


Thanks so much, we got our rain today. It is a start but we need more.

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