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Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I had planned on writing more this week, but those were my plans, life got in the way and decided that I, like Job would be afflicted with boils, (well not really but a staph infection), and need a tooth pulled and then get a bone fragment left in the gum. Not to complain but I have spent 5 of the last 7 days at either the Urgent Care or a Dentist’s office. It has been an educational if not fun week for me. How is that? I have found out that for every trip I got a different antibiotic. Yup, two of which gave me less than desirable side effects. I won’t complain about the appetite suppressing side effects, but I do not recommend it as a weight loss strategy, that is unless you like rashes and itchy skin and photosensitivity.
My children are quite resourceful and talented in the kitchen, on Wednesday when I told them it was a “clean out the fridge” night for dinner they started cooking up creations as soon as we walked in the door. They then spent the nest 3 hours eating. I think they are all having growth spurts at the same time.  My 7 year old scrambled up 5 eggs all by himself.  He then proceeded to eat them all.
TIMG_8113hat boy Pumpkin – better not grow! I am planning on him wearing this suit that he wore for Grammy Sugar’s wedding for his Easter and First Communion.  I think I will put books on his head so he can’t grow its not like he needs to grow, he is off the growth charts on the tall end anyway, and wears the same size shoe as his 11 year old sister. Yes a 7 year old boy wears the same size shoe as his 11 year old sister

I had a whole nice blog post planned about St. Patrick’s Day. but never got to finish it. So I was going to put a wordle on St. Patrick’s Day instead, but it separated words like “St Patrick’s Day” Not good. So instead I will share a picture of my great grandmother who was “off the boat” Irish as we used to say. The little girl in her lap was my grandmother.

We start Spring Break here at 4pm Central Time Friday the 16th. This is our forecast for the week. Now I know for some of you this does not look so bad but after a week of 70-80 degree breezy days this is a let down.

Speaking of Spring Break we will be doing our usual, Staycation. while we do have some fun things planned we will also be doing our big Spring Clean, meaning I will venture into the children’s rooms and make them go through their stuff and purge. I tell them it is so I will know what they need clothing wise really it is because it is the only way I can get them to get rid of that t-shirt they have had since they were 3. (about a decade ago)
My oldest just turned 14 last week. Hard to believe that she is 1/.2 an adult now. (21 being my arbitrary adulthood age). But what really struck it home for me was not the high school enrollment, but all the scholarship foot work that starts in 8th and 9th grade now. She is already working on scholarship essays due the end of this March not only that but colleges are already sending her information. Some hinting at financial aid. She is smart. I mean she did not get this trophy just for being sweet. But seriously Vanderbilt University is sending my 14 year old daughter information. She is seriously considering it too. (for undergraduate), that is if she does not go the American University in Rome(Rome, Italy, folks)  for undergraduate. Yup I said undergraduate studies twice. This girl plans on getting a doctorate.
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Stacy said...

Oh man, that sounds like quite a week! Now I feel guilty for whining so much about bronchitis! I just said to my fiance yesterday "how do moms still take care of their kids when they feel this bad!?"! Kudos to you!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

thanks Stacy, but I am blessed, my kids are great and pretty self reliant. They pitch in and help out- do chores and know that I am not doing well. It is amazing when you are a mom how much you can do even when sick. It just needs to be done.

Lisa said...

We had some unpleasant side effect from antibiotics here this week as well. Almost as bad as what it was curing, I think.

I can't believe you have to think about college at 14 now!

This was my first week to do 7 Quick Takes!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Sorry to here that Lisa, yes the side effects of antibiotics can be almost as bad as what you are trying to get rid of.

And yes, you do have to start prepping for college as an incoming freshman. Signing up for certain scholarships starts then. It is crazy but it is competitive. What I can't believe is that colleges are searching her out as an 8th grader.

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