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Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes–Spring Break Edition


One word – RAIN!. We are on Spring Break, yup, and it has rained every day so far this week. Don’t get me wrong we need the rain desperately, remember last summer? Well we had record breaking heat over 100 degrees for more than a month. But a whole month’s worth in one week? Like the saying goes when it rains it pours, and pour it did more than 4” of rain in 48 hours.


We have been doing some Spring Cleaning around here. I have been making the kids help torturing them , but it is not all work for them, they have had some outings and even an ice cream sundae party for doing good work. Yes I bribed them to finish their rooms. Sometimes it works. Two car loads taken away .and next to go is the clothing to consignment. I find decluttering  to be cathartic. I love to see empty shelves and clean and neat drawers and cupboards. If only they would stay that way. Anyone else like to declutter?


We took the kids ice skating for the first time ever this Spring Break. I would have to say they enjoyed it. You be the judge

jj skategirls skate


I had two brushes with fame this week that is fame with a little “f” not the big FAME. This past Sunday  the organist,  at the Cathedral  tells me she needs to introduce me to someone. So before mass she takes me over to meet this mom. . Upon introducing myself, and adding that I am Deacon G’s wife she mentions “Oh, I have read your blog”. I played it all cool and asked her how did she end up there? Meanwhile inside my head I am doing the happy dance and Sally Fields acceptance speech, you know the one, the one where she says “you like me, you really do like me.”


In a second instance I am reading my personal Facebook newsfeed and see that a friend from church has like someone’s pin on pinterest and it is from my blog! (not pinned by me)  I feel like I have reached the next level of some fame, and immediately check to see if I have pinned my own post, which I had not yet done. You can see the post in question here. Oh, and if you are on Pinterest you can follow me too. If you are not on pinterest but want an invite just send me an email at granolacatholic (at) gmail (dot) com.


When I mentioned to the girls that the Opera will be doing a preview at the Philbrook this coming up Sunday  they were excited. Can you believe it? I took Pi to her first performance last year, we were able to go to a technical performance for FREE. (yay). Last month we took the kids to a preview performance of Dead Man Walking (yes the one based on Sister Helen Prejean’s book). Who knew the kids would  love opera. In fact they have me looking into the summer camp for them, and auditions for them for the youth opera. Take your kid to one little opera and look what happens.


Did I mention we had a LOT of rain this week? Enough rain that it took us from drought conditions here in Oklahoma. We had so much rain that the lab caught a fish. When my kids discovered the little croppie (sunfish for my New England friends)  in the front yard they decided to rescue it. They picked it up and placed it in a puddle to revive it and since we had 4 inches of rain fall the puddle was big enough for it to swim in. My kids wanted to keep it in the house, in a Tupperware container. I convinced them to release Tom the Fish into our pond where it could grow up.

tom the fish

And that has been our Spring Break – How about you have you had a Spring Break yet? Anything exciting happen?
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