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Friday, November 18, 2011

What happens when the Washing Machine Breaks

While my washing machine was out of commission this week I had some time to get caught up on some other things, like my room. While cleaning, and rearranging and decluttering (apparently, not having to do laundry gave me a LOT of free time) I came across this poem written by my dear daughter Pi.
There, here no where, still where?
Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, There , here , nowhere.
but where is holy heaven?

Hope, Faith,life, love Jesus
Church as Faith, Hope life and and love
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity

Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, Family.
All together life and death in heaven
God’s done what we have.

Mother’s heartbeat. Boom boom!
Nourishing food Yum Yum tummy full ahh!
A baby in Mother’s womb
New beginning lost life, try!

Old, new still trying, last change try
still waiting, last change TRY!
Begin, doing, End a race
Will death win over you? Run Race, run Sprint You win I Live.

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