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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Alternatives

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While many are preparing for Black Friday- (my girls among them) I am thinking of many other things I would love to do instead of standing in line in the dark cold night only to run into a store to pushing people down to get that bargain or great deal. Black Friday shopping is not my idea of fun. Not to mention I like to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy Advent.
While there are many reasons that you don’t need to go out bargain shopping on Black Friday I will not go into those here. But you can read some of those reasons here and here.
Instead I am going to offer some alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

  • Go out to Breakfast with your Family
  • Many cities have runs the day after Thanksgiving – go burn off those calories from Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Go to a Museum or Zoo
  • Clean out your closet and purge 20 items – Load it up in the car and drop off at a local Charity
  • Get your Car ready for the Winter – clean out the trunk and put your “winter” stuff in the trunk – boots hats, gloves, blanket
  • Finish up those last few outside yard chores and winterize the house
  • Have a family game tournament
  • Start a neighborhood football/soccer game
  • Get out your Advent Wreath and Nativity Set – Set them up
  • Go to see a family friendly movie
  • Have a Homemade Black Friday – get together with some friends or the kids and make gifts, enjoy leftovers.
What will you be doing this Black Friday? I will for one will be getting out my Advent Wreaths (yes I have more than one) and Nativity Sets (I have several of these as well). Did I mention that Advent is my favorite season?


Julie said...

I will not be participating in Black Friday shopping either, I also don't think it is worth going out in the crowds.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

The deals are not that great in my opinion either. We already have more than 1/2 of our shopping done, anyway and we know what we are getting for the rest. I usually make a plan in September for what I want and then look for deals on those things.

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