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Saturday, October 1, 2011

September - Where I have been

september apples

I have now been blogging  in earnest for 5 months. When I started blogging in earnest I did not know where this journey would take me, I decided to set up a loose editorial calendar, with the intention of posting each day. Sometimes I get so involved in a project or research that I can not get a post out each day. Other times I get more than one post out a day. 
This month my Real Food for Real People posts took a different path, less about recipes and more about Food Safety, and from the looks of things that is what my readers enjoyed reading. (In fact, some of these posts have been  the most read posts of all time ) I will certainly try to deliver more of these in the future. But for now just in case  if you missed any of these in depth, research centered Real Food posts I am sharing them for you again.
Since these posts take a while to research, compile and write I sometimes miss getting out a post in another area. If you would like to guest post in any of the above areas, I would love to hear from you. You can send me a direct e mail for guest posting at granolacatholic at gmail dot com.
I like to plan but I like to keep my plans open ended. Just like with my menu planning I keep things a little open on the blog. In order to make my life easier when I first started blogging I had themes for each day.
  • Monday – Natural Living, Natural Beauty, Natural Health
  • Tuesday – Avoiding Toxins
  • Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday – Real Food for Real People
  • Friday – Family Fridays
  • Saturday – (currently open- formerly – In My Garden)
  • Sunday – Faith and Family
If you have something to write on any of these topics I would love to see it here.  Just send me an email at granolacatholic at gmail (dot) com.

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