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Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I have never Done

I am joining up with Mama Kat for this one

  1. I have never jumped out of an airplane (nor will I ever willingly – They will have to push me out)
  2. Gone Surfing, despite growing up in the Ocean State
  3. I have never eaten Sushi, even though my family eats it and loves it.
  1. I never won the prize for the Halloween Costume Contest at school, but my daughter did IMG_8516
  2. I have never been to the Grand Canyon
  3. I have never run a 5k – though I have hiked it
  4. I have never fed my kids baby food
  5. I have never castrated a sheep
  6. I have never had a cast one (almost said broke a bone, but I did, I broke some small bones in my foot). The Doctor said taping them would be fine, and that martial artists break those bones on purpose all the time,
  7. I have never climbed up the side of my house. My husband and daughter have IMG_8436
  8. I never played a school sport, though I did play soccer.
  9. I have never gone scuba diving, something about being slightly claustrophobic, though I  enjoy free diving, just don’t ask me to put on all that gear.
  10. I have never skied a Black Diamond trail (see the no cast at #9)
  11. I have never been arrested, nor spent any time in jail (except on kids field trips)
  12. I have never robbed a bank.

What is something you have NEVER done?


moomma houde said...

never had a cast but, broke a toe and dented a foot bone. agree with not jumping out of a plane. never ran 5 miles but sure have walked it. I fed my children baby food but also grew organic vegetables and jarred them. Never had sheep close by so can't say anything about that. Never been to Grand Canyon but have flown over it and back in the day the pilot announced it to the passengers. I haven't climbed the side of my house but have climbed up onto the roof and cleaned the outside of the skylights. There weren't any girls sports when I was in high school. I have tried scuba diving but, the instructor didn't speak english very well and Just kept yelling BREATHE. Needless to say I got out of the water and quit. I am not sure about the black diamond skiing because I have accidentally gone down trails (and spent a lot of time in the snow) with youth groups. I have never robbed anything. Also, I have never shot a gun.

Julia Hunter said...

Completely agree about jumping out of a plane! And being arrsted, have to keep that one on the list of things I've never done.

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