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Monday, October 31, 2011

Last minute Green Halloween Ideas

It is All Hallows Eve tonight. But it is not too late to Green your Halloween. Having a Green Halloween is not too hard. It just takes so forethought.
  • Make your own costumes or repurpose old ones. My daughters both made their own tutus, reused their own shirts and leggings. My dear husband reused clothes already in his closet. While my baby boy reused a costume worn by his oldest sister, but reinvented it to be a ninja, while she had been vampire.

  • Walk around your neighborhood for trick or treating, instead of using a car  This saves on gas, carbon emissions while lets you get exercise and get out to meet the neighbors
  • Make your own trick or treat bags. When I was a kid we used to decorate paper grocery bags. I have made these bags for my kids from t-shirts. They took me about 15 minutes total to make. A bonus is that the jack o lantern one glows in the dark!


Jo's Health Corner/ said...

Great tips!
My two youngest made their masks out of paper marche this year. We didn't have to buy anything for their costumes this year. Last year they re-used each others costumes.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

that is great Jo, as I type this my oldest is creating a no costume from some thrifted clothes and a mask she wore last week.

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