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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

The Christmas season is going on all around us. Technically speaking it is not the Christmas Season but rather Advent. But it sure does seem like Christmas. We still don’t have our tree up, or a tree yet for that matter but we have been busy elves.
Making Treats for Teachers
Putting out shoes for a visit from St. Nick – my kids have decided to put out their boots several years ago. Apparently the bigger the shoe the more you get in it.
Want to know how to get the kids up on a cold dark winter morning for 6;30am? Have St. Nick visit them and leave goodies, and gold and silver coins (chocolates)

Standing room only Christmas Program put on by the pre-k and 2nd graders. Pumpkin would be the tallest head in the back row. He takes after his Dad in the height department
After the Christmas performance Santa Claus came to visit. Pumpkin would not sit on his lap, much to the chagrin of his Dad, but I consider it a victory. This is the first Santa we would talk to. Secretly I think it was just to get the candy cane.

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