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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Nativity Story


Growing up My mother had a Fontini Nativity set that she would add to each year. At our house it was definitely a hands on activity. Whenever my mother set it up we would help and even play with it from time to time. Over the years figurines were added some from Fontinin others not necessarily, such as the Muppets and a t-rex.
When I married Deacon G I knew that I wanted a nativity set for our Christmas. So for our first Christmas I asked for a nativity set. It seemed like everyone and their uncle got me a little nativity. They were not exactly what I grew up with but they were nativity sets. So what does one do with all these nativity sets?  I have given each one of my children one for their rooms and have placed one in each and every room of the house. Along with our Advent wreath our nativity sets are the first Advent decorations to come out. We take Christmas slow around here but we do get ready for Advent.
Our Fontinini Nativity set is an interactive one here. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may remember these pictures.  The kids enjoy setting up and playing scenarios with all the different characters.

IMG_9713Our three Wise Men take a journey each year starting in the room furthest from the Crèche and make their way to the Nativity. When I when looking for them this morning they were on the stairs. The wise men will arrive on the Feast of the Ephinany.  Did I mention we take Christmas slow around here? We keep some of our decorations up until the Christmas season is liturgically over.  If you are wondering, why yes I would be happy to get more figurines and perhaps some buildings for my nativity set. You see when my children grow up and flee the nest they will get to take “their pieces with them to carry on the tradition.


Colleen said...

I love your traditions. :) Growing up, our nativity set was hands on as you say, as well. My mom always let us add to it from our own toys, little smurfs, animals, etc. :) Why shouldn't they celebrate the birth of Christ too after all? I have a nativity set now and hope in the years to come to add more pieces to it from second hand shops and such, pieces that have been abandoned.:) In Italy they have lovely shops only for nativity pieces...from floor to ceiling, every sort of character you can imagine! Even a fat, jolly Italian baker!:) Thanks for sharing this...wishing you a blessed Christmas!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks Colleen, I love that your nativity set came from your own toys. I have seen some of the beautiful nativity displays her at the Kristkindlemart.

Allison said...

Okay. That last line made me tear up. I guess becaue our oldest is 15 now and leaving home looms. He won't have a nativity set to take with him but he will have his book of hours and a retablo. I hope he finds meaning in them both.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Allison, it is not too late to start a small nativity set for your 15 year old. After Christmas is a great time to pick up some pieces or even a little set. I am pretty sure that the creche you see in the picture above was purchased at an after Christmas sale. As you may know I am a fan of thrifting and I often see Nativities at my favorite thrift stores.

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