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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Trip–Word(less) Wednesday

Now that soccer is over for the season and no new sports looms in the immediate distance to take its place we have been finding new things to do on our Saturdays. Recently we took a road trip to rediscover America’s Roots.  We were lucky enough to go see the Nina and Pinta. Yes that is right. The NIna and Pinta, Christopher Columbus’s boats. No not his original ones but life size replicas. Now let me tell you I have a whole new found respect for those men who traversed the oceans. I have seen whaling boats and tall ships and even the Mayflower in Plymouth, but the boats that Columbus crossed the Atlantic were Caravels. I have seen boats in dock bigger than these. IMG_9551IMG_9543IMG_9547IMG_9549
After seeing Columbus’s boats we decided to make a quick trip to Tahlequah to visit our roots, well my husbands roots. He is Cherokee, as are our kids. The camp Peanut attended last summer was a  Arts and STEM camp. hosted by the Cherokees. While the museum has an inside component. My children had more fun checking out the Cherokee villages. They have a traditional village and a post relocation village.
We did all this on a day that the local like to refer to as Bedlam, and still got home in more than enough time to watch the game on TV.

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