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Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes

It is Friday so I am linking up to Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes.

This week I got an opportunity to embarrass my teenager. I did not mean to embarrass her but nonetheless it happened. You might remember last week I wrote about the upcoming auditions they had for the school musical.  My oldest. Pi was to sing Do-Re-Mi. I happened to be in the classroom next to the drama room during her audition, and since I was doing some tutoring I was lucky enough to hear her sing through the walls, so I stepped out and peered through the closed door, just in time to catch my daughter sit down and see me. She was a little embarrassed until I told her it was hard not hear her as she was able to project her voice. – No microphone necessary for that one.
American Idol has started back up. When Pi was little she wanted to go on American Idol and be famous. As it turns out we happen to have a less than 6 degrees separation with a famous Idol winner. It turns out that all 3 of my child have had as the best kindergarten teacher the must wonderful sister of Carrie Underwood. That is right, our brush with almost fame.
Do you ever play the game 6 degrees of separation? For us this is a fun game. We usually start with my sister in law as our first step or the kindergarten teacher. It really is true. You can be only 6 steps away from just about anyone in the world. In fact I have run into people in the most amazing places, only to to find out we had a mutual friend. Quite often we will be traveling or off for the day and run into someone that either my husband or I know. We have our children convinced that they can not travel in the state of Oklahoma or many other states without running into someone that knows their parents. I would like to keep it this way.
Seriously it is hard for my husband or I to go places without running into someone we know. I was in college on Spring Break in the Bahamas at a remote resort. The only person I knew, or so I thought, was my college roommate who went with me. One day, a voice from the pool called out my mother’s name. (People often called me by my mother’s rather unique name.) It was someone from my hometown, someone I had not seen since I was in 6th grade.  My mother was once in Germany and ran into someone she had mutual friends with.
My mother in law who was in a car accident last month finally got to leave the hospital after a month in the ICU Trauma, now the therapy can begin. She has already made more progress than doctors even thought possible. Thank you everyone for your prayers Miracles truly do happen.
We are moving into a season of simplicity for us here. I have been striving for more simplicity for years. Sometimes living simply is not easy, it means giving up things, things like TV time, material possessions, over burdened schedules, but in return I receive more family time, well rested kids, and a quiet candle lit evening to reconnect with my husband. What aspect of your life would you like to simplify? Why wait start now?
Two weeks ago I started on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program. I would like to report that except where I slipped up and had some Nutella, I have had great success. Losing weight effortlessly, more energy and auto immune issues clearing up. Much to my dismay Nutella has diary, and dairy is a no-no on the Fuhrman plan but more importantly, the dairy causes me problems. I guess I will have to find another way to get my chocolate.

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Kathleen Basi said...

That is good news about your m-i-l!

My husband is thoroughly convinced that I am related to the entire state of Missouri. :)

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