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Monday, January 9, 2012

Minimizing Your Wardrobe

simple closet
January for many is a time to clean house, to declutter a fresh start for many. For me this is especially true.  While I am intrigued by the 3/33 movement.  I am not ready to go that far.  I do have a core wardrobe and it is liberating not to have too many clothes, but I am always looking for the hole in my wardrobe and looking to fill those up.
I will not be doing the 3 33 challenge anytime soon but I am doing one that is much simpler. I am turning my hangers around backwards in the closet. If in the course of the next three months I do not wear that article of clothing I will then reconsider that article of clothing. Now I understand that there may be some items that are not in season, but I am working on building a truly season-less wardrobe, one that I can wear year round.
As my wardrobe shrinks I am enjoying the ease at which I get dressed in the morning, Having just 3 pairs of jeans means much less laundry, having just 4 skirts gives me more options believe it or not. My dresses are mostly sleeveless because I can pair them with a jacket or sweater for cooler weather or wearing them sleeveless in the summertime.
Is your closet overstuffed? Do you feel that you have too much clothing but never have anything to wear? If you are like me and not ready for the 33 Challenge, then you might try the backwards hanger trick. If anything it will challenge you to find ways to wear those clothes you thing you like but can never figure out how to wear.

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