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Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes

 Fall arrived ahead of schedule. Tuesday our temperature reached 101 degrees, today the high is forecasted to be 68 degrees, right now it is 59 degrees and cloudy. I don’t think we will make it to 68 degrees.. In celebration I broke out the long pants, sweaters, and scarfs, but still refuse to wear socks.
IMG_8011We will soon be headed out of town for a wedding. Why does it seem like we pack as much for 2 days as we do for a week? Oh, I know why. We have all the fancy clothes. We have a separate bag just for our dress clothes, suits and dresses and extra shoes. Have I mentioned before that I like to travel light? I think we did a good job, one of the bags is full or gifts for family members. But frankly I am happy with less luggage.



The best part about a wedding is seeing all the family. Both sides of our family live really spread out, so it seems we only see each other at big family events, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals. I know realize who lucky I was to grow up with one set of grandparents living next door and cousins who lived another door down.   Today we have grandparents and cousins who live 2 planes away, not two doors. It seems we are not the only ones in this boat.either. Just a couple of generations ago families used to stay much closer to home. Now it is not uncommon to pickup roots and move to find better pastures and economic futures for our families.  Family is important to us so perhaps itIMG_8073 for that reason I sent my 13 year old daughter on a tour de family this past summer. Perhaps next summer she can visit a different set of relatives.


They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. When I picked up my son today his teacher told me a funny anecdote.  They were doing bar graphs and discussing different categories of things they could graph. Some suggested favorite movies, some suggested favorite books. My son suggested favorite proteins.  Okay maybe I talk a little bit about food at home. To the point that my 7 year old son comes into my room while I am getting ready in the morning to tell me about the cantaloupe scare on TV. He wanted to make sure that none of us ate any or bought any. I reassured him that the cantaloupe I buy is not from the store.
I am in awe of the online community I have built in such a short time. I have only been blogging in earnest now since about April 12th. In such a short time I have found some great people. One’s that really boost me. Earlier this week on my personal Facebook page I posted a link to the Dr. Oz study. about  apple juice. A local mom left a comment that did not sit well with me. But when I went over to my Granola Catholic Page and checked the blog I had some very appreciative people. I know I do write about some controversial topics here. FoodFaith and How to Raise Children. I love getting feedback of all types so please if you have something to say, or have found out something I did not know about share it with me.  I try to do in depth research and like to go beyond the headlines. It is just my nature to research. I was that rare kid who liked to do research projects in school.
Speaking of an online community I would like to give a shout out to some of the people who support and inspire me, even if they don’t realize that they are supporting and inspiring me.
There are so many more of you who inspire and support me, but that is for another post.
Charisse @ I thought I Knew Mama
Nada @ MiniMomist
Crunchy Betty
Katy@Kitchen Stewardship
Stephanie @ Good Girl Gone Green
Julia @ Julie Cache
I have run out of things to say- believe it or not. Not – I have simply run out of time, the family has come back for more family time.

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