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Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes

When you are the wife of a Catholic Deacon, you never know what will happen. Suddenly, I get the feeling that even casual acquaintances think I am closer to God. I get prayer requests from people for all sorts of things, which I dutifully pass on to my husband “The Deacon”.
This week I was honored to have someone take one of my previous posts and start a meme with it. When I wrote 10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Me it was my response to realizing that my blog has grown beyond the larger circles of friends and people I know.  I thought is would be nice to share a few tidbits about how I am.
My wonderful husband got me a new camera for Christmas. So you are probably asking yourself where are all the great pictures. Well about the time I got a new camera I lost the last two working ports on laptop. I really don’t want to get a new laptop. You see I don’t like to spend money. I haven’t even looked into getting it fixed because as a rule laptops are not made up of components.
This week marks to the beginning of a 6 month highway construction project within view of my house. The best part is that they are closing down half of the highway to divert traffic, oh joy. This will mean that I have to go at least 2 miles out of my way just to get the kids to school in the mornings, and more like 4 miles out of the way to get them home each day. Did I mention that this is awfully inconvenient? You see, our driveway empties right on to the highway and the bridge is being demolished as I write this.
Dh and I are headed out the Mardi Gras celebration at the Cathedral tonight. Which brings to mind Lent for me, Ash Wednesday is this coming up Wednesday. How are you going to prepare for Easter this year?
When I was growing up Lent meant not only fasting and abstaining from meat on Friday’s but giving up sweets. Not only that it meant taking on some additional act of worship, such as going to to The Stations of The Cross on Fridays. Lent also meant Clam Chowder and Clam Cake dinners made by the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Each Friday during Lent, they, my brother’s troop or the Girls Scouts, my troop would hold a Clam Cake and Chowder dinner. These dinners were great successes, most likely because after a few weeks of Lent no-one knew what to cook anymore and the state I grew up in (Rhode Island) was more than 80% Catholic at the time, everyone needed a cheap meatless meal to feed the family and being on the ocean meant that clams were cheap all year.  (I even think one of the Dad’s would go clamming to get them)
In Rhode Island all residents of the state have the right to harvest anything that is between the low tide line and high tide line on any beach. That part of the ocean belongs to everyone, even if the beach is private. Many people will go clamming with just a clam rake and dig up the clams just under the sand. One summer my brother and his friend went clamming and sold the clams to local restaurants just to make some extra money.  (True Story)


sonrie said...

I have given thought to my Lenten sacrifice but have not decided yet...either:
-3-4 days at gym per week
-giving up sugar/sweets again (but soooo hard)
-working through my benedictine spirituality/creativity workbook

jen said...

#1: It's the same being married to a pastor. People think I'm a whole lot more spiritual than I am and that my prayers have extra weight. I usually ask if it can be shared on the prayer chain. If it can, I make two phone calls and get people who actually volunteer to pray on whatever the prayer request is. I also let my husband know -- I find that people will tell me things that they're evasive about telling my husband because OMG he'll judge them! (Nothing surprises him anymore. He's literally seen it all and they can't really tell him anything that will make him think less of them.)

#4: They finally opened up part of the interchange to get on the local highway again a few weeks ago. Before they did that, I had to deal with people going to the local flea market who screwed up the traffic patterns in my area of town. Let's just say that it did not produce the necessary growth of patience but instead caused me to be grumpier than usual in the mornings.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Jen, as for #1 if the prayer request is specific or urgent I pass it on to my husband and he may pass it on to his fellow deacons, or our Friend Fr. Kirby. I also find that people open up to me because and tell me more since my husband is holier therefore I must have a good prayer life.

I am hoping that the construction will be done earlier than scheduled especially since they worked through the weekend, starting at 7am on Saturday and 7:30 on Sunday. Nothing like walking up to the sounds of a bridge being demolished in the morning.

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