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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What the Kids are Saying


Yes my kids have said these things, I am not making this stuff up.

Pi (almost 14) to younger brother (7) – “but my Dragon is organic”
Pi  - again “mom, are those strawberries organic? You know how much pesticides they use right? They are out of season right now, where did they come from?” (I guess your kids DO listen to you)
Peanut “Let’s taco the Taco Truck to China Town”  - seriously I wouldn’t believe it if my kids did not play two feet from me.

Pi – whackadasical, that’s a real word? No dear the word is lackadaisical
Pi – I wonder what would happened if you ate Mentos then drank diet coke? (of course neither of these are found in my house)

After looking back at these things it is hard to believe that Pi is the brightest kid in her class. Yup, makes you wonder sometimes, seriously though she is a straight A student and in the gifted and talented program, and I always thought it was Peanut who said the "blonde" things.

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Love "hearing" what other people's kids say!

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