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Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

When it rains it pours, our in other words when I am busy I am super busy. This last Tuesday I not only had a full day of teaching but we had scouts, and dance, but add to that Peanut’s debut as a Cheerleader and you have a 14 hour day away from home. Yesh!
that would be my Peanut in the middle with the big white bow.

Speaking of bows, my middle daughter has started making them. When she found out how much they cost and how easy it was to make them, she started making them not only for herself but to sell.
We continue to work on Pumpkin’s shelter, it has been a great bonding experience and a great way for us to spend time outside. He and his Dad have great plans to camp out overnight in it, sometime soon.
This past week I had one of those moments where I thought I had bought something, I was positive I had bought a big multi pack of Lara Bars. When I went to look for them, they had disappeared. I was a bit perturbed as they were supposedly put in the pantry and never made it to the kitchen. I ranted something about them costing $18. Not the right price, but my husband had sticker shock. He decided to take matter into his own hands and solve my problem in his own way. He developed his own recipe. Might I say this is a work in process but so far my family has eaten 2 plus batches of these bars. My favorite is made with cherry and chocolate chips.

no bake cliff bars small
Many Thanks to all of you who have been praying for my mother in law, Judy, she is doing much better, better than what all the Doctors said she would ever be. She will soon be moving on to the next step of her recovery. We know this is truly a miracle.
I have started back up with walking/jogging again. I am only doing a mile right now but I would like to do a 5k with kids later this year. The other day when I was jogging with my son he commented that he was walking just as fast as I was jogging. Thanks for the encouragement Pumpkin
And just because I could not find anything else to say I will leave you with this parting picture of my oldest and this potato she found, just in time for Valentine’s Day


Karianna@CaffeinatedCatholicMama said...

Hi Lisa!

Popping over from Twitter and Conversion Diary/ Betty Beguiles! I can't wait to try your Clif Bars Recipe!! The kids aren't fans, but they'd be great for me for breakfast for mornings like this one when I sit down to the computer before eating or anything!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Karianna, I had one for breakfast last today. My dh made our third batch this week. We have been trying different flavors, mine is chocolate cherry, but you probably already knew that. Can't wait to see what yours is.

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