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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update on New Diets

Earlier this year I wrote trying new diets, I adopted Dr. Fuhrman’s  Eat to Live Plan. In summary it is a mostly vegan eating plan with limited meat and no dairy products. I am allotted 12 oz. of meat a week. For the most part I spread this allotment out in 2 oz. portions a day. Some days I choose to be eat completely vegan. I also am following the gluten free version of this plan, as I suspect gluten plays a part in some of underlying auto-immune issues.
I will say this about the plan
  1. I was never hungry.
  2. I almost never eat 1lb of fresh vegetables or 1lb of cooked vegetables, mainly because THAT is a LOT of food.
  3. I have never before lost weight this easily. Without effort I lost 9 lbs. in 6 weeks. (meaning no vigorous work out routine)
  4. The redness in my face has diminished to the point that I no longer need to wear “green makeup” to reduce the appearance of redness in my face
  5. I now crave things like sweet potatoes, lentils and brown rice, seriously.
My 6 weeks was up last Thursday, just in time for me to enjoy the Mardi Gras party at church, but I still kept to the eating plan, however this Sunday and Monday I probably ate 12 oz. of meat in those two days, but hey I figured Lent was coming up and I would be abstaining and fasting so it was okay.
I will be continuing the Fuhrman Eat to Live Plan for the next 6 weeks. The book recommends giving the plan a couple of months to ameliorate issues such as eczema and psoriasis and other auto immune issues. This plan also fits in perfectly for Lent, the fact that it is a vegetable based diet.
Now I do eat meat, but since I eat such a small amount I make sure it is the of the best quality, meaning I do not get my meat from the supermarket.  I do not spend anymore on my groceries than I was before because I am buying less food but of a higher quality.  For example I buy just about the right amount of meat to last two people a week and it works for a family of five for two weeks.
Is this a lifestyle for everyone? Probably not, without knowing it, I have been working towards this lifestyle now for two years. Various health practitioners have been recommending this sort of life style for me for a while.  While some may be able to jump in full on, for me it was easier to make a change stick by going gradually, working on one habit at time.


Pam List said...

This is just what I needed to read today. His plan is perfect for Lent and I have not been feeling well lately.
God will provide but he sure puts tools in our path that we trip over.

I am pretty sure this is one of the tools that he hints I need.

Happy Lenten Journey!


Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Glad this inspired you. Yes this plan is perfect for Lent, even my husband has adopted it, at least for Lent, and the funny thing about adopting this plan is after going out with the youth group last night I have had some digestive issues today. Must have been the chips I ate.

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