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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is There Chocolate in Your Hair?


Regular readers probably already know that I use a no-poo method of washing my hair. Most of the time this is namely the Baking Soda ACV method.  But on those mornings I am running behind and think I can push the hair one more day I have a trick.
You may have already guessed what that trick is from the tittle. But you may be wondering how I use chocolate in my hair. I will take some cocoa powder and put it on a bristle brush and then brush it through my hair. Not only does the cocoa absorb the oils in my hair it gives my hair a nice red tint (well at least the white hairs). Someone will comment on my hair and wonder if I have colored it recently.
Why Use Cocoa Powder?
Cocoa is full of anti-oxidants, they are still there in the powder form, The anti oxidants are good for your hair too.  Cocoa is also high in magnesium, a nutrient missing or sorely lacking in most of our diets. Remember what you put on your body does end up in your body.
If you want to go further Crunchy Betty has a great hair mask treatment recipe using cocoa and yogurt. I just might have to give this a try.
Have you tried any interesting things in your hair lately? Let us know how they work here.


Jen said...

Bet it smells yummy too! Thanks for posting. I may try that! :)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Jen, yes it does, but be careful, next thing you know you will be craving chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Too late! Already drooling!!

Nicole H

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