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Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I get very antsy when I don’t have a car. My car is in the shop today. I took it by the mechanic yesterday, it it originally looked like an easy job, that dh could do. But he is super busy this weekend. So he had me buy the parts to take the car back to the mechanic. Well my car started acting up. So I had it towed to our mechanic, but only after some dramatic moments on the highway. Now I am waiting to hear from dh or the mechanic, that the car is ready. All this would not be a big deal if I did not live in the middle of no where. Okay I don’t really live in the middle of no where, but the school bus will not stop near our house, since our drive way is on the highway. Now I am worried about my kiddos having to cut through the neighbor’s pasture and dodge horse poop while crossing the creek to our posture. Don’t worry the creek is down due to our recent drought. But in this heat I don’t like them to ride the bus, they will be bedraggled hot, and thirsty by the time they get off the bus, never mind walk another 1/2 mile through pastures.  I pray my car will be ready by 2pm so I can get it and my babies.
It is Hurricane Irene Time. My family up and down the East Coast is preparing for the impact. My brother in NC has gone to his mother in law’s house, near the shore, to secure everything there. She is safely at his house 2 hours inland. My mother, in Rhode Island is worried about her God Son’s birthday. The storm is scheduled to hit them on that day.  My niece in Philadelphia (age 4), is  balanced on  her stool in a prefect crouch singing "...surfing in a hurricane” I guess she has been listening to her Daddy’s music.
Jimmy Buffet–Surfing in a Hurricane
Last Friday Deacon G did his first house blessing, other than ours. We went to our good friend’s house where he blessed the house, their pets, and cars. Did you know that a house one of the first steps in a house blessing is the same as the prayer for exorcism?  If you are wondering why the kids are wearing bathing suits, it is because we went swimming after the blessings.
house blessingkids pool-1
This weekend saw another first for Deacon G. He had his official first Sunday mass as a Deacon at his new assignment. He has been assigned to the Cathedral and to the Chancery (the Diocese main office) for the Office of Divine Worship. If you are like me you may be wondering what Devine Worship is? Basically it means he helps to coordinate all the big events, masses, holy days, ordinations, confirmations and solemn vespers, that the Bishop officiates. I am probably leaving out some. His main job is to make sure the event runs smoothly and if it does not go smoothly that none of the attendees notice. You could say he is a liturgical event planner.
After mass at the Cathedral we went out to eat, and to explore the town. I had heard about an art show on the river so we headed down there.  Perhaps because of the heat there was not many vendors. However, I noticed that my children all ended up with the same color on and the setting was just beautiful. So I took out my camera. This is what happens when you tell your kids to move in the pictures.

I think I may have gotten one good pic out of 70, but it was pretty funny looking through them.
I am getting ready with my son put some of his toys in storage. He is not quite ready to get rid of them yet, and he does have a spare storage closet in his room. I plan to keep out his 4 favorite categories of toys, blocks, trains, cars, and Legos.

It is hard to believe that next weekend is Labor Day Weekend. Since we have been back in school for over 2 weeks it does not make sense to me. For many Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer. I think we will be going by the weather. If our highs continue to be in the 90’s then we will be continuing our summer time activities, especially since we did not get to enjoy or 100 degree days in July. I am sort of looking forward to a warmish September. In fact we have planned family time for Labor Day weekend. Starting with a trip to the ball park for a game and then who knows what? One last free weekend for us before soccer starts.
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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

"liturgical event planner"- love that!

Michigan schools don't start school until after Labor day...I think because the cold half of the year is so cold they want to give them as much time off during the warm months? Whatever the reason, I like it!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...


liturgical event planner is about right. As I write this he is right now setting up for vespers for the Catechetical Conference.

when I was growing up we never started school until after Labor Day. I really don't know why we start so early. It is the hottest time of the year.

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