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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Things You Do

 continuing the series in What changes you – The Places You Go, The Things You Do, The People We Meet


When is the last time you tried something new? When is the last time your kids tried something new? It seems like we all fall into the same old same old. Kids all over the country spend Saturdays at soccer, dance, or football each fall. A few try karate or swim team. If you are a sports type person have you thought about trying an art class, or attending a concert?
Are you in a rut?
Why are we reluctant to try new things? Trying and learning new things has been shown to increase our creativity. The more new things we try — the more we step outside our comfort zone — the more inherently creative we become, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.
But when was the last time you tried a new restaurant? When you go out to to eat do you go to the same restaurant? If so pick something different.  Chances are it won’t cost you anymore than where you usually go to eat.  Do yourself a favor and try a locally owned restaurant. We have found locally owned restaurants offer great food, at good prices and you get to keep the money in your local community. You might even try taking the kids to a “fancy’ restaurant. Have everyone dress up and make it a special occasion.
Do things alone
Often as parents we do not take time to do things for ourselves. When is the last time you went off and did something just for yourself? Try going to a museum in the middle of the week. You might even be able to squeeze it in at lunchtime. On your own you can wander at your own pace.  Pick up that novel you have been dying to read, and read it. You deserve to do things on your own. You probably did things on your own before becoming a parent.

Do things with others
Get out of your normal routine and do something with others. Invite friends to come along.  Make time to be with friends. Have a party or get together at your house. Join a club. Do you like gardening but want to know more? Then join a gardening club. Are you interested in running? Many communities have a running group. We as people are a social group so seek out something to do with other like minded individuals.
Try Something New
I challenge you this upcoming week to try something new.  It can be a new recipe, a new way to get to work, a new park with the kids. Routines are great, but a change in routine can be even better. Ever notice how a vacation does a body good? It is because your body needs change every once in a while.
We can get in a rut as a individuals and as families, so stretch what you do try something new, let me know how it goes


Gaby @ Tmuffin said...

This was such a great post! I used to get stuck in a lot of ruts, and once, I deliberately tried to do something new every day. Even if it was eating a new meal or walking into a store I'd never been in before. It made a huge different. Doing little new things makes you want to try big new things! And doing things alone is huge. I used to be afraid to do things alone. Now, after having kids, it's the biggest luxury!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

So true, Gaby how doing anything alone is a luxury once you have kids. I would always take those fringe hours, getting up early, or more likely staying up late to do things for myself. You won't find me jumping out of a plane anytime soon, but just last week, on a whim I ran my first run in a gazzillion years. The goal not to come in last, and I did it. Big Smile here now.

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