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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making Memories with the Family

Several years ago my husband was busy building a business of his own. But though he was busy he had several mentors who told him not to neglect taking family time. They understood the importance of making memories for your family. They understood that you kids grown up in the blink of an eye. So no matter what our budget has been we have always made time to make memories.  Memories don’t have to cost anything but your time.

So often we are so busy doing all those things that fill our time. School, Cleaning the House, Cooking, Laundry. When was the last time you spent time making memories with your family? Making memories doesn’t always have to happen on vacation. Memories happen in the quiet and loud moments of everyday. We make memories when we spend time together. Memories don’t have to be elaborate either.
In order to make memories you have to make time. But wait we are soo busy, with school, the house, work, kids sports and activities. So how do you make time to be a family? One way to make time to is to plan it. Schedule it. Some families all do the same sport with mom or dad coaching. For them it becomes a family activity.  Some families are Scouting Families. The whole family participates.  But I think the most important way we can make time for family is to set time aside regularly. We like to set aside one weekend a month that is sacrosanct. We only devote that weekend to family activities with just the family. It helps to strengthen those bonds of family.
Simple Ways to Make Memories as a Family
 Kids like traditions. The good news is that it is never too late to start them. Some families have elaborate ones to celebrate birthdays, back to school, or even holidays. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate. One simple tradition is to just take a picture of your entire family every year. It will be a joy to look back at the pictures and compare them from year to year. Most of our traditions involve holidays and special occasions like First Communion. Interestingly enough you can also make memories as a family by doing something new and innovative or going somewhere new. We look forward to trying new things every year as much as we look forward to our Saturday night movie nights.

Making time to make memories really does not require a lot . You don’t have to be the creative type. All you really need to make memories is your time.

I would love to hear some of your favorite summertime memory makers with your family. For those of you who still have some summer left and plenty of time to make memories. Check out this post on Making Summertime Memories.


Momma T said...

I love your suggestion of starting a tradition by taking a family picture every year. Following you from the stalker hop! Please stop by when you have a chance =)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Momma T - I can't take credit for the idea of taking a photo of the family every year. My Uncle started that a long time ago. I love looking back at the pictures, because now there is a second generation in the picture. And the picture does not have to be a professional one. They usually take it at a holiday or on vacation.

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