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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Neck of the Woods

Is linking up with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma today for a look at What is up in My Neck of the Woods.

It has been a 100 plus degree for over a month here. I am not going to tell you HOW hot it is. Because I refuse to look anymore. Suffice it to say. The weatherman just said we broke a record today, and probably will tomorrow.
So  when it is this hot, how do you keep kids busy and happy? Well there is a lot of stopping by a certain store to buy frozen drinks

Not sure the dentist will be happy for that.

We have been spending time in the water, at water parks and creek, and lakes. The lakes feel like bath water and so do some of the water parks do too. But the creek is a nice refreshing 50 degrees.IMG_6597
Even the Zoo has installed slip and slides and water slides.IMG_6929

To keep our sanity while at home we have been doing lots of arts and crafts. IMG_6573

And Believe it or Not we start school next week. But for now we are just taking it easy and trying to stay cool.


aquariann said...

Eek, and I thought it was hot in Delaware! At least you've found fun ways to beat the heat. ^.^

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

We are trying and it looks like today will be even hotter. But we hit the splash pad and playground at 8:15am. It staves off the cabin fever you know.

The Southern Family said...

I am so slow getting to last weeks posters....yip, you look just like the rest of us! Thanks for linking! Mrs. Sinclair

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Mrs. Sinclair, but I am sure your house is cleaner than mine. Well maybe mine will be cleaner next week.

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