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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wishing Pi a Happy Birthday

Pi’s first Real Birthday Party with Friends (at age 3)

Around our house we are going to be celebrating PI day a few days early. For most of us Pi day is March 14th or 3.14, for us Pi day is March 10th. Fourteen years ago on the coldest day of the year that year I gave birth to my first child. as is my luck things did not go the way I had planned them to go. (another story for another day), but in the end I took home a healthy baby girl, who nursed all the time and never slept. She was always in a hurry to reach those milestones, crawling and signing at 6 months, walking and talking at 9 months. I can’t believe that she is 14 now. She is talented, not just my opinion – she has been asked to sign with the Cathedral Adult Choir. She is smart, garnering academic awards each year. This week we started receiving materials from colleges, not just any college either but Vanderbilt. Lord help us now she is thinking of going there for her undergraduate studies.And probably most important of all she is sweet kind and humble. Would you all do me a favor? If you are on twitter could you go over there and wish her a Happy Birthday? It would take her completely by surprise. And if you are not on twitter say a prayer for her and us, and for us to win the lottery, because she has high aspirations ( Vanderbilt, Oxford, Harvard)

Still Rocking the Hats at age 14 !


Queentob said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful and talented daughter!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

thank you very much. We are looking forward to a wonderful family day.

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