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Thursday, March 1, 2012

An almost average Day in My Life

yup, me not happy to be in front of the camera, giving someone THE LOOK
Sometimes we all need a laugh, especially me. So I figured I would would remind myself just how funny life can really be. So here is a typical day in my life, without pictures, since I did not think to do it photographically and plan ahead. While this day is not exactly and average day it is a pretty typical Tuesday.
6am – Wake up call from Principal – “Can I teach history today?” “Sure”, I say
6:30 am – Kiss dh goodbye as he heads off to Monastery to say goodbye to Father Kirby and the monks on their way to the airport to move to Ireland
6:31 am - Start waking up kids
6:32 am Throw a load of laundry in, put clean dry clothes in basket (they are still there on Thursday)
635 am – put on cute dress and leggings ensemble because it is supposed to be 70 degrees in February.
6:40 am  Put electric tea kettle on, do make up and attempt to do hair, go for curly look because it is supposed to storm and that means humidity is high.
6:45 am Check to see who is up and who is not awake, get dogs to jump on beds to wake up kids and get them moving.
6:50 am Pack a lunch of a salad with walnuts, a breakfast of grapefruit, lament that I do not have any lentils and rice pre-cooked
6:51 am  Throw together a quick soup in the crock pot. Taco Truck Soup – made up of mostly leftovers from night before. Think "I need to write down the recipe for a blog post."
7:00 am Make sure ALL children are up and moving towards getting dressed, Realize that one is STILL in bed
7:10 am Realize that I did NOT charge anything last night, quickly plug in phone and kindle because my car phone charger is AWOL.
7:15 am Fill water bottles for everyone – Long Day ahead, Make sure everyone else has their lunch, backpacks, Dance bags. Enough luggage for a 2 week trip
7:20 am Make sure all animals are where they are supposed to be. Chase cat back in the house. Let big dog out, make sure little dog is not trapped in my room, under the covers where she likes to be
7:30 am Quickly grab work out gear and remind tell all kids to grab rain gear. Storms coming in evening. We now look like we are headed on an African adventure and need porters to carry everything
7:31 am Start loading up the car with all of our crap, necessities for the day. Remember to get kindle and phone.
7:35 am Head to school, dodge construction traffic obstacle course just past our driveway
7:37 am Drive 2 extra miles to get to school, because of said construction obstacle course
7:40 am Drop two children off at their buildings. Lord we are a small school, but kids are in three different buildings. Head to the high school, where 34 kids ask me “Who are you today” note I am always myself. What they mean is what class will I be attempting to teach
7:45 am Get lesson plans, talk with other teachers about how big babies were/are they delivered or someone’s grandma/college roommate  delivered.
8:00 am Teach first class on US History – Roaring Twenties – Love that era.
9:00 am Teach 2nd class on World History – Medieval France, Swoon. Did you know I was a French Major?
10:00 am – Teach Geography Class – i.e. – have high school students color maps.
11:00 am Teach another class – forgot already
11:45 am  LUNCH – still not happy I don’t have any lentils and rice or Homemade Cliff Bars
12:30 Current Events class, wherein I can not get the computer to work properly, and log on to show news clips and attempt to lead a discussion on politics. Who knew that high school students could get so heated over politics. There is hope for us yet.
1pm – 3pm Repeat morning classes with different students
3pm – Track team meeting – I am NOT coaching I just eavesdropped because Peanut wants to bump up to the JR. High Track team, as a 6th grader.
4pm – Get kids from their perspective buildings and meet with Track Coach
4:15pm Get All Kids, head to Library since we have dance at 5pm and don’t have enough time to go home because we have to run through a construction obstacle course and drive 4 miles out the way to get home.
4:50 pm Leave Library and head across the street early because girls have to change for dance.
4:51 pm Think about putting on my socks for the track and getting a fleece out of the trunk, since it is NOT 72 degrees, but cloudy and about 62. But opt instead to turn on the heat in the car and be stylishly cold.
5:10 pm Head to Sam’s to get fruit and Lara Bars, I still need to have dh make some more Homemade Cliff Bars.
5:20 pm Have door lady at Sam’s chat with me forever about the weather to read a receipt with three items on it. Seriously, even the little guy was complaining
5:25 pm Head to the Monastery to meet dh and Mother Miriam. Help her pick out what she needs for her priory.
6:00 pm Realize that I won’t be getting in a 1 mile walk, never mind the 2 mile one I had planned.
6:16pm  Listen to Mother Miriam sing a song from The Sound of Music. She has a wonderful voice by the way.
6:20 pm Help Mother Miriam pack some items in her car, while packing some in my car. The one that is full of stuff for our African Adventure , normal busy day stuff. Notice that her trunk is pristinely empty.
6:30 pm Watch my sweet Pumpkin give Mother Miriam a bouquet of daffodils
6:36 pm Have my dear Pumpkin give me some daffodils, putting one behind my ear
6:38 pm Try to get dh’s attention to let him know that I will have to leave soon as the girls will be finishing dance and can not walk home 10 miles
6:39 pm Get text from oldest. “I am hungry bring food’
6:40 pm Get text from oldest. “Can I walk to McD’s and use my coupons to get food?” McD’s is about a 1/2 mile from dance studio. Cringe because she wants to go to McD’s and use coupons well meaning grandma gave her.
6:46 pm Leave monastery head back to Dance studio to pick up girls at 7pm The drive is more than 20 minutes.
7:04 pm Pick up oldest daughter on her way back from McD’s to the dance studio.
7:06 pm Arrive at dance studio, get confused middle child who has no idea where anyone is as she left her phone in the car with me, while her sister left her things at the dance studio to go to McD’s.
7:10 pm  Stop to get gas, Notice that  at this point I have driven almost 200 miles since Friday
7:25 pm Drive 1 mile out of my way to get home because of road construction obstacle course
7:30 pm  Get home, start unloading my car with three bags of food, our African Adventure  stuff, and things from the monastery that is moving to Ireland that we will store, find new homes for, or eat.
7:36 pm  Change out of the cute shoes that are now hurting my feet, and put on my pj’s
7:40 pm  Feed family Taco Truck Soup, while I eat strawberries, because I am hungry but not THAT hungry.
7:45 pm Put feet up, wish I had opened a bottle of wine, but since feet are hurting from cute shoes deal with it.
7:50 pm Start getting kids ready for bed, lunches ready and daughter ready for first day of track.
8:00 pm Start to wonder what is taking kids sooo long, Why are they still eating, and not in their pj’s. I am in my pj’s.
8:30 pm Tell kids to GO TO BED or at least STOP TALKING. By this time everyone sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown to me. Even my dear husband is annoying as he is trying to have conversations with the kids who need to get ready for bed.
8:35pm  Put headphones on and pretend I am listening to video on laptop.
8:45 pm  WHY ARE THESE KIDS STILL UP? Take some vitamin B-12, think this is probably not a good idea.
9:00 pm kids are in bed, NOW I decide I am ready to eat some Taco Truck Soup
9:30 Decide that now is a good time to start cooking the lentils and rice I have presoaked, and was wishing I had had for lunch.
10:30 Take something for my headache, everyone talking a mile a minute has given me a headache.
10:35pm  Tell husband to be quiet and leave me alone. I am an introvert and needs some alone time to recharge. Pick up closest book to read.
11:00 pm Nod off and wake sleep up, to put up glasses and book.
6:15 am Start all over again. Same song different verse.

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Allison said...

OMG what a day. I might just do this too. It is amazing what we women can juggle. How many children do you have? Busy blessed life.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

I only have 3 kids but often have tagalongs. I always wanted to have 5 but that was not God's plan.

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