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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 Year Blogaversary


Well another date has sneaked up on me. I started Granola Catholic one year ago today. I was thinking it was more like April 15 but my very first blog post was April 3, 2011.  You can read my first blog post here. You may be wondering how an important milestone in my blogging could sneak up on me.  Seriously I thought my blogaversary was April 15th. I know that is tax day.
I never realized how much writing for an audience would change me, mostly for the best. First of all I wasn’t even sure if people would be interested in what I was, but I thought there would be an audience. One year later and I am proud to say that I have more people reading this that I do not know personally. Though some I feel I have gotten to know in the last year.
I  originally thought about doing a personal blog a couple of years ago. but really it was Father Kirby who urged me to write about so much more. He was positive that I had an audience.  I guess he was right.
Along the way I have been inspired by some bloggers.
  • Kitchen Stewardship – Katy is a Catholic mom who does her best to cook real food for her family
  • Minimalist Mom – I have been working to simplify our lives now for about 5 years, I used to think if I was more organized, but you can’t organize a cluttered house and schedule.
  • Balancing Beauty with Bedlam – The name says it all – doesn’t it – a Frugalista after my own heart
  • Sorta Crunchy – another Oklahoma Mom with a love of things crunchy, frugal and peaceful
  • The Nourishing Gourmet – for my inner foodie
  • Food Renegade – for the healthy food in me
  • Crunchy Betty – for “food on my face” and other Natural Beauty tricks
Along the Way I have “met” some new blogging friends. Look through the comments you are bound to see some of them there.
I wish I could say I had a plan on where this blog is going but I don’t know where it will take me, only time will tell. It has come much further than I thought it would when I started, and I would like say that I am so happy you have joined me on this adventure.
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Marissa Nichols said...

Congrats! I think mine had already passed...geese, you are so much more on top of this than I am! God Bless!

Modern Day Disciple said...

Congratulations! Mine is coming up as well and it is funny, the date thing is I did not know how to adjust the date, I think and messed around with it. ANyway- Nice job!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks everyone, I only had the date thing off in my head, for some reason, but I had my husband's birthday wrong for the first two years we dated. I was close though.

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