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Friday, April 6, 2012

Experience Stations of the Cross for Kids

this picture was taken by dh at a Living Stations of the Cross several years ago.

One of my most indelible memories of Lent growing is Stations of the Cross.  We not only attended regularly during Lent, most Friday’s growing up, and definitely on Good Friday, but we also attending special Stations of the Cross events that had us traversing across cities and towns. I remember going to one Stations of the Cross where the priests carried a very large cross from station to station. I also remember attending regularly on Fridays during Lent. What makes these events so memorable is that I attended these when I was young, the same ages as my kids.
When Deacon G and I started having kids, we found ways to take the kids to stations of the cross, Outside Stations are a great option for children especially on Good Friday, where many places do the stations at 3pm, usually a good time for little ones. Outdoor Stations of the Cross are great for little kids, as they are not as confined, they can “wander” a little bit more. Outside stations are more mobile too. Since you move from station to station you are not staying in a pew.
If you are lucky enough to have a living stations of the cross near by I recommend going. One of the Parishes in the big city here does a very dramatic Stations of the Cross, complete with horses. The photo above is from when Deacon G attended with our oldest one year. As I was looking through these pictures, my youngest said “that is soo cool, Can WE go this year?”. I don’t recommend living stations for all ages, because it can be graphic, but apparently my 7 year thinks he is ready.
Some Resources for Stations of the Cross and Children
Printable Stations of the Cross at Catholic Icing
Children's Prayer Stations of the Cross
Catholic Mom - Kid's Stations
I do hope you will consider attending Stations of the Cross this Good Friday with your family.  PS. You certainly don’t have to be Catholic to participate, experience or learn from going to the Stations of the Cross. Don’t worry that your child is too young to get much out of Stations, they will get something out of it. Even the youngest child will pick up on the tone and understand that people were said or that Jesus suffered.
As for my family we will be attending the traditional Good Friday Stations of the Cross at 3pm. Come join us if you are local. I would love to see you there.

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