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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Things That Make Me Smile


Earlier today I posted over on Facebook 2 things that make me happy. That got me to thinking about so many other things I enjoy and that make me smile. I thought I would share some of them with you.
  1. A Mowed Yard and Pasture – I actually took on this job a couple of years ago, and Monday when we did not have any gas in the gas can I was actually a little sad not to get to this job. Notice I said yard, we do not have a lawn. We have 5 acres of yard, pasture and woods. A lawn requires meticulous maintenance and usually chemicals to maintain it. We have clover, wild onions and wildflowers growing in our yard.
  2. A Vacuumed Floor – we have removed the carpet from 80% of our house and replaced it with solid surfaces. We do have carpet left in our great room. Hopefully not for long. As you can imagine it gets very dirty, but looks so good vacuumed.
  3. A good cup of a hot beverage and a good book on a dreary cold rainy day
  4. A phone call from a friend
  5. Listening to my kids play together in the other room
  6. A bouquet of wildflowers picked by my kids
  7. Spending time outside – whether puttering in the yard, playing with the kids or enjoying a glass of vino on the the verandah.
  8. Watching my kids do something THEY enjoy and get joy out of, this can be participating in a sport or writing, directing, acting in and producing a stop animation movie for the family, or simply playing catch with their Dad
  9. Seeing someone create something from their own mind. My kids love Legos, yes even the girls do too. They will usually make the kit the first time but then after a while will create something new from all the pieces. I love to see my kids or any talented artist, dream up something from nothing, whether it is a meal or a piece of art.
  10. A husband who calls to see if I need anything on his way home. No really this is a big one people. Your see we live a good 6 miles from the nearest store of any type.
How about you? What makes you SMILE?

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