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Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Last week was one the craziest of the year for us here. We had our normal crazy Tuesday night, but it was also the week before the Madonna House Tea and Fashion Show. This was my first foray back into volunteer fundraising in a long time. Not only was I involved but the girls also modeled.
katie runwayMoriah fashion show
Not only did we have the Tea and Fashion Show last Saturday morning we celebrated Pumpkin’s First Communion. Some of you may have read the story of how he made his “first”  First Communion when he was 5 1/2, but he felt he missed out on the celebration with all of his friends, some of who he has known for over 5 years.
GEDC0174first communion
I can’t imagine how special it was for him to have his Dad on the altar.That would be Deacon G, making the bunny ears behind Pumpkin.
Peanut finished up her track season last week too. According to her Dad she was real good form. I believe him.
This time next week Deacon G will be in Ireland. He is going over to visit Father Kirby at Silverstream Priory. He will be gone for 10 days. Pray that not only does his trip go well but that all goes smoothly here at home.
As if all this was not enough in the span of 7 days, Peanut (in the blue shorts, center) tried out and is now a Jr. High  Cheerleader. For those of you in our part of the country (Oklahoma) this is a BIG deal. Even bigger still is that I am a Cheer mom. Yup, but not that kind of Cheer mom.
I have some talented and smart kids. we recently found out that Pi  yes this one that wins academic awards every year scored in the top 2 % of a National Exam. We sat her down and had the “talk” with her. You know the one about performing up to your abilities.
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Lisa Schmidt said...

Awesome to see a deacon with school-aged children! My husband Joel is half way through 4-years of formation with the Diocese of Des Moines. If it be God's will, Joel will be ordained August 2014. We have a preschooler and a 3-month-old ... hopefully more. What an awesome blessing for your husband and family!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Lisa, we have several deacons in our diocese with it children younger than ours. So it is completely possible that you will have more. In fact two of the deacons who work with my dh at the Cathedral have many children younger than my youngest. I believe his class has started a trend or they are reaching out to younger men because I see many men coming up the pike with young families in the program.

I am sure your family will be a blessing to your diocese.

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