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Monday, April 23, 2012

Freeing Ourselves from More

this is part of our Less is More Challenge for May 


Less is More has been one of my mantras for some time now. Some may disagree with me, especially those who subscribe to an abundance philosophy. But less does not have to mean austerity.
For me having less stuff is a form of freedom. When we have less and desire less we are free from so much. I have been working on simplifying my life since the birth of my oldest (how is now 14). I was motivated because I wanted to be able to spend more time with this precious baby I was given, I did not want to spend my time cleaning and taking care of things. I am not a minimalist, though I do confess that life style does have a certain appeal to me. I have found that having less stuff is a form of freedom. When we have less and desire less we are free from so much
  • We are freed from keeping up with the Jones’s – do you really want a boat and all it entails if you will have to to work more to afford it and then don’t have the time to enjoy it?
  • We are free to enjoy what we really like, not what people say we should like and want.
  • We are free to not pay for that storage facility when we have less, thus freeing up money for us to use somewhere else, or at least our time
  • We are freed from taking care of our possessions, the more we have the more time we spend taking care of it.
  • We are freed from worry, about my things.
  • We are freed from the chaos of not being able to find things in the morning, because we have less it requires less time to find something
  • We are freed from worrying about what to wear. I love clothes but I want them to work for me not me work for them.
  • We are freed from worry that a closet door won’t close.
  • We are freed from cleaning as much
  • We have more free time to do what we want to do because we spend less time doing what we need to

In your experience how has having Less freed you up?


StreetWise said...

Saving me money, time, and space. I actually need to free myself of some more garbage in my house ;-)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Join the challenge here. We will be starting in May.

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