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Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Things I do NOT do

  1. I do not make my own bread anymore.  I did master this skill and became quite adept at it. I love using the recipe in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. When your health dictates that you eat gluten free you have to make certain sacrifices. Really I don’t miss it too often. but a good loaf of bread sometimes calls my name, but at least it s not piping hot out of the oven with melted butter on it. Some day I hope to go back to eating bread again, but if this past week is any indication it won’t be soon.
  2. I don’t’ volunteer too much anymore, I limit what I do. My time is important to me and I chose to spend it with my family. I do not get involved in everything, I am not a PTA mom and a Cub Scout Leader, I don’t teacher Sunday School. I used to do all those things before but I have found that doing all this took me away from my family too much.
  3. I do not like to go shopping, I hate it. Really I do, I don’t like spending money, I never seem to find what I want, I don’t like the crowds and don’t get me started on customer service. I would like to add at this point that I worked in retail and retail management for more 8 years. I understand how hard the job is, and what dealing with customers is like. I have been there and done that, and for that reason I expect at least good customer service.
  4. I do not program electronics. I have no patience for electronic things, setting up phones, computers and the such. Once they are set up I can handle most things but setting them up nope, not me. So glad we don’t have the flashing time on the VCR any more, since we do not having one in the living room.
  5. I don’t do perfumes or scented lotions. Most commercial scents are made with synthetic oil, not essential oils. Essential oils can be expensive.  I recently priced some for my oldest daughter and it was running $25 per .5 ounce. Not 5 oz. but 1/2 oz. Synthetic fragrances often contain endocrine disrupters and they bring on chemical sensitivities in me. About 20 years ago I could not be a room with people wearing perfume without eyes burning and tearing up. This included church, so I would sit in the back near the door to get some fresh air.
  6. I don’t clean my kids rooms. I used to do this for and then with them, but now I have stopped. I have not quite gotten to my mother’s stage of closing their doors when we have company though.IMG_4808
  7. I mentioned before that I do not do electronics. that goes for not only programming them but for having a houseful of them. My kids did not have any gaming systems in the house until a couple of years ago when we got a Wii, no DS’s no X-box. I prefer my kids get their play the old fashioned way, by going outside.
  8. I don’t do my kids’ school or art projects for them and everyone can tell just by looking at them. (reference the picture at the top)
  9. I do not abide bad customer service. As I mentioned above, I spent some time working retail/management. I know what good customer service is, when I get bad customer service I tend to let the person who is rendering service know that it is bad, not only that I follow up with managers. There is really no excuse for rudeness. On the flip side when I get good customer service I let the person rendering said service know how much I appreciate them going out of their way for me.
  10. I don’t do perfect lawns. I never ever wanted to the perfect suburban lawn. I always wanted a yard, complete with the wild flowers weeds. Did you know that some people consider violets weeds? Seriously, violets are pretty and purple.
What are some things you don't do?


Annie said...

I don't do most of what you listed. I will add that I also don't:

-carry a purse. All I need is a billfold, keys and sunglasses. Anything else I need can stay in the van.

-watch my weight. I'm of what I consider average weight (5'7", 165 lbs, size 12). I watch my nutrition instead and don't care about the numbers on the scale...never have, probably never will.

-wear makeup. I never really liked it when I did wear it, so I just stopped. Same with hair color.

-watch movies. I don't feel as if I have a spare 2+ hours to just sit and watch, and I'm not nearly as good multi-tasking while watching as I used to be. My husband and I watch only about an hour of TV each day. I know it's enjoyable for some people, but I just don't feel it's a good use of my time.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone consider a violet a weed?! There is something wrong with them.

Sounds a lot like my house. My husband and kids are techno junkies, though.


Debbie said...

I totally agree with all the above... And I also, don't bail my kids out of situations. They need to live with the consequences of the choices that they made.

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