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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Teens Need Us


I am pretty sure that most of the people who read my blog are good parents. That is unless you are spending too much time on Pinterest and Facebook. Every kid needs someone, if mom or dad does not take an interest in their lives they still need someone to be their cheerleader, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.
Kids of all ages need someone. Working at a school I see how easy it is for people to love all the little ones but by the time some kids get to high school the still need someone who believes in them, who will listen to help and someone who will help them and stand up for them. All kids need help
  • the smart one whose parents wanted an athlete
  • the cheerleader whose parents are getting a divorce
  • the quiet kid who doesn’t talk to anyone else
  • the girl who just broke up with her boyfriend
  • the kid who is failing math or just needs help in English
  • the mean girl (yes she is probably hurting on the inside)
  • the class clown
  • the tough guy/girl
When I my kids were little I was an attentive parent who nursed on cue and carried my babies in a sling. I engaged them in many ways, playing with them/ I listen to them, talk to them and try to build them up. But so many kids do not get that at home. Their parents may be busy with work, some of them working more than 45 minutes away. As teens they are often left to their own devices, to entertain themselves, and live with their own self doubts.
Many of us are quite attentive to the needs of our children when they are small but what about the older child? How do we handle them? We hold our babies close, we carry them and nurture them. Our teens need the same, even if they are not actually of our blood. Many of us encounter teens at church, homeschool groups and neighborhoods. So how we can help these teens even if they are not our own?
  • You can still show teens affection, a small hug, a soft touch, a pat on the shoulder, sometimes that is all it takes.
  • Listen, just be quiet and listen, some teens need to think out loud, just be sounding board without judging.
  • Be available for them, if a teen wants your attention be there for them, be excited for them when they are excited. They need that Teens are still fragile.
  • Support them, they are going through a difficult time. You think the toddler years were bad the teen years are even more tumultuous
  • Pray for them, teens need your prayers. My mother always said that teens need and get an extra guardian angel, but they still need us.
  • Take an interest in what they are doing, even if you don’t know a thing about golf or softball or opera, learn at least one thing about what it is they are doing, better yet ask them to tell you about it. They would love to tell you.
  • Just be there for them, some teens are more quiet they just need someone to sit by them and be there for them.

How are you there for the teens in your Life?

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Sheila said...

And just tell them they're good kids! My dad would always brag on me to his friends about how smart I was and how I wasn't one of those troublesome teenagers no one can stand, but a joy to be around. I really tried to live up to that, and felt great that he saw me that way.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Great tip Sheila, I did that not too long ago. I had dropped my daughter off at the museum to listen to an Opera performance and when she came out an older woman told me what a wonderful young lady my daughter was. I told my daughter that see I am not the only one who says it so it must be true.

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