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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Month in Review–July

I can’t believe how quickly July has flown by, and soon school will be starting for the kiddos. I will start sometime in September, so August though it promises to be hot is a great month for me to catch up on all sorts of things, and get our routines back on a school schedule.
Hard to believe all that we did in July. The first weekend saw Deacon G, Peanut, Pumpkin and I on the Deacon Road Show. Traveling with the kids is always so much fun. He was sent off to preach IMG_6450at outlying, rural parishes in the diocese. We made into a fun little getaway with a side trip to a winery and Subbiacco. Subbiacco, for those who do not know is a Benedict an Monastery in Arkansas with a wonderful guest house. IMG_6500

It sits up on  a hill keeping sentinel on the nearby towns. While there we took a side trip to Mt. Magazine, the tallest mountain in Arkansas. We did a little exploring and even took a swim in the mountain lake. Quite refreshing on a 100 degree day.

All this time our oldest was out traveling about, first in Boston on the Paul Revere Trail North Church and Paul and then in Philadelphia with a brief visit to North Carolina, before returning home.
moriah in Phllly
We sent our Middle Daughter off to her first residential camp this month.IMG_6560

And when everyone came home we started on some more natural beauty routines
We have spent the two weeks of the month catching up on all the usual summer activities here, despite theIMG_6601e weather. 


Hard to believe school will be starting up for us in less than two weeks. We are not ready for summer to be over, except for the horrible heat part. We had to take some time this week to get ready for Back to School.
It seems like summer has just flown by for us. But as Pi says, “Mom we still have the weekends.” 
So tell me,  How is your summer going?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa! i just came across your blog via crunchy betty's honey challenge website. i, too, am becoming a crunchy Catholic, though i am in the very early stages, and i am so excited to meet someone like minded out there. i'm in my mid twenties and single and i pray pray pray to God that i some day have a family and life like yours! please say a prayer for me when you're saying one of those many Rosaries hanging up inside your house, and i'll be sure to keep coming back here to read!


Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...


Thanks so much for stopping by. An easy way to keep up with me is to join my facebook page. It is easy to join the conversation there if you want to, we have lots of crunchy friends there.

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