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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stream of Consciousness –Weddings







(my mom and Dad at their wedding 1965)

There is something about a wedding, In case you are wondering, I went to a wedding last night. A lovely young couple starting out life together.  Of course the bride was beautiful, the groom was nervous. and the flower girl was adorable . In fact she reminded me of my girls when the were flower girls. They were flower girls when they were 3 and 5. Now they are 11 and 13.  Perhaps what I loved most about this wedding is that the family fully embraced the concept of family.  Not only was it wonderful to see so many children at a wedding, but  I don’t think I have ever seen so many little babies. It made my heart happy.

This wedding was a long time in the making, the couple met in high school  and after a long period of separation found each other. I guess you could say the marriage was destined to be. I understand how they feel. I believe that I was destined to meet my husband too. God has a hand it all. We may not know it, or see it but he does. For instance, if my husband did not walk into our small town dept store the day he did I still would have met him. Because the summer he worked at the boy scout camp, he ended up being my brother’s boss. God was making sure I met my future husband.


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all.things.fadra said...

I always cry at weddings. I used to cry thinking of how nice it would be to have someone in love with me and want to marry me. Now I cry because I think of the wonderful beginning they have in life and hope they have many happy years ahead!

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