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Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I have a new favorite beauty product. Not only does it work like a wonder on my inflamed and cracking skin it does not cost an arm and a leg.  I would have to say this is a must have product for everyone. Turns out this product has been around forever and gets favorable review on EWG too. What is it? Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter.
We have been eating a LOT of ice cream lately here. In fact as I write this Deacon G has taken the kids out for Sonic. I guess since it is a kazillion degrees here ice cream keeps us feeling cooler.
I took the kids back to school clothes shopping this week to get a first day of school outfit. My son in true male fashion just grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt without regard to size and put them in the cart.  The girls were a little picker. Neither of them found anything they liked at the first store. So off to store number two. They both loved it, my oldest wanted to bring home the entire store.  My petite Peanut could not find clothes small enough for her. So off to store number three. A store geared towards little girls. She fell in love with all the clothes there, but not so much the prices. You see I had put them on a budget for their clothes. Our next stop was T.J. Maxx where my daughter found several pieces from the little girl store at about 1/3 the retail price. She was very happy.  But what really made my Peanut happy was a trip to our favorite thrift store. We had heard that the little girl store had donated a big bunch of clothes there. And boy did she score. Full outfits, tops and bottoms even. IMG_6782

How to make my kids happy. Get them up early to beat the heat. Take them to the Farmer’s Market. Let them pick out something they want to get.

Take them to a couple of thrift stores.
Come home and do some arts and crafts.
Finally, we have been able to cross some things off our Summer Bucket List.
  • Finish Summer Reading Program
  • Trip to Zoo
  • Splash Pad Visit
  • Water Park Trip
  • Trip to Blue Hole
  • Triathlon
It seems we were so busy with camps and swim lessons that we have had to cram most of Summer bucket list into the last two weeks. But we managed to get all of that done. And it was a blast. We got a little  break in the weather and most days have been closer to 100 than 107 this week.

119498900815838943alarm_clock_mike_powers_.svg.medSchool starts for us in just 11 days. In order to get the kids acclimated to the earlier wake up time I have been making our wake up time earlier each week for the last two weeks. We are working towards our 6:30 am wake up call to start before school starts so that kid will be tired and ready for bedtime.

I have been doing a lot of looking at alternative places to move to. Not just new houses but new climates. Have I mentioned how hot it is? So far I am leaning towards Tennessee, with an average Winter temp of 40 degrees and an average Summer degree of 78 degrees, or how about Switzerland? I just love that country. It always looks so clean and like a photograph. Even though it is surrounded by mountains it does not get that cold. While there in November, I was able to get away with wearing a heavy sweater with a scarf when I was down off the mountains. And in Switzerland, even though they get snow they know how to deal with it. Unlike my current local, whose main method of snow removal is to wait for it to  melt.                                                          chapel bridge lusanne

Ireland and has a nice mild climate too, and rarely gets snow.
Where would you move if you could move anywhere in the world?

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Paula said...

Move to Juneau, AK - if it is cool you want, we got it! And mountains, and water, and salmon, and snow in the winter and the air is so moist, your skin will always be dewy!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Can we stay with you Paula? I will say I do like it a little warmer in Summer but not quite as hot as we have been this year.

Paula said...

You are welcome to visit any time! We would love to meet you and your family - I'm sure Charles and your husband would have a lot in common! Charles will celebrate his 5th anniversary of ordination on August 10th!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Southwest Michigan is also significantly cooler than 107 for a week straight. Or a whole season straight! :). My hubby used to live in the desert where it was 135 degrees one day and they fried an egg on the cement and he says he would rather have one week of extreme cold than three months of extreme hot. For what it's worth!

And girl, you know I LOVE me some thrift stores :)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Dwija - this is not our normal weather. we have run 10 degrees above normal for most of the summer. I suppose when we cool off to the 90's it will be a welcome relief. We usually only have one week of this type of weather. And yes I am soo in awe of your find on the dinning room table. What a great deal.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Paula, Deacon G said he would love to see your husband's icon work. That is what he makes right?

Michelle in middle Tennessee said...

Lisa is live about 1.5 hrs. east of Nashville & we've been having 98-105 temps. this past week with the heat index up to 110.

I'm not sure what part of Tennessee you are looking at, I'm sure East Tennessee might be a bit cooler?

Good Luck to you! :)

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