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Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

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You can never send kids enough money.  My oldest (13) went off on a one month trip, visiting family along the way. I being a smart mama, got her a reloadable visa card.  I had to reload it twice! And she still ran out of money. Her luggage was over weight coming home on the last leg.

You can teach a kid how to pack lightly, but if they buy souvenirs the bags will weigh more on the way home, and result in number 1 above.
You can not buy advent wreaths and candles in July. At least not in the stores. I went out shopping for a wedding gift, and thought that an advent wreath would be an appropriate and thoughtful gift for a Catholic Bride and Groom. You see Deacon G and I have a as a tradition that we give Brides and Grooms candle sticks. We can customize that to suit the couple. Wish I had thought to get the gift when we got the invitation. Because, we have catalogues with advent wreaths
Food lasts a lot longer when there are only 3 people at home.  This week my middle daughter went off to camp, while my oldest was still traveling. That meant that only three of us were at home for most of the week.  My son just could not eat enough food to make up for two older siblings who were gone. I know some day he will eat more food than both of them combined, but for now he is generally not a heavy eater.

104 degrees is hot no matter how you slice it, and yes you can get cabin fever in the summer time. When it is this hot out, you really can’t spend the day at the pool, or lake. Forget about going to the playground. The equipment is too hot. My poor son keeps on asking when we can go to the playground. My bet is sometime in September. Since it is so hot we have been doing lots of inside activities, like painting, Legos and playing games.IMG_6571
Speaking of 104 degrees, it always amazes me that when you have been out in the heat, whether it is 99 or 109, and you come inside to air-conditioning it will feel cool to you. Tonight after spending a couple of hours at the pool, we came home to our house with the a/c set at a balmy 83. We all felt quite comfortable, after all it was 20 degrees cooler than the outside air, and we had managed to cool off our bodies in the pool. My son however was feeling a little more than comfortable, he was covered up in his great grandmother’s quilt.
School starts in less than a month! Yikes! it is time for me to start going through the kids clothes closets and taking stock of what they have or need. I have started buying our back to school supplies but will need to amp that up a bit. I am NOT ready for school to start, I feel like we have not even started summer, but my oldest reminds me that just because school has started it does not mean summer is over. We still have weekends.

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Bia said...

what a great idea for a wedding present for a Catholic couple.

when my husband and i married his aunt gave us a nativity set ... it was by far my favorite gift.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Bia, I did see a wedding nativity set available, Fountanni in fact. It is a starter set. Still not sure what I will do for a wedding gift, but cash is always appropriate for a new couple starting out.

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