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Monday, May 7, 2012

Finding Meaningful Gifts for Mother’s Day


it is a question that comes up every year. What to get Mom for Mother’s Day? I am asked this question by my husband and I ask this question of my mom, Not really,  my mom is easy, she likes plants for the garden, no flowers for her unless they go in the ground.
But most years my response to the Mother’s Day gift is question is “ I don’t Know”. Perhaps that it because I am not a Receiving Gifts Love Language Personality. However  I know that as  a mom one thoughtful gift means more to me than 10 “as seen on TV gifts” I also like to give gifts with meaning behind them too.  Some years it is more difficult than others to find that right gift. I am a huge fan of
How do you decide what is the right gift to give mom? You need to know what mom likes. Using the 5 Love Languages, figure out if mom is a Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation  Receiving Gifts or Physical Touch person. (You can take the quizzes here if you want) Most people have a primary Love Language and a secondary. In my case I am an Quality Time and Acts of Service .  Last year for Mother’s Day dh cleaned the kitchen, so much more important than making me breakfast and then after church we went to a nearby botanical garden where I got to take hundreds of photos of the kids. My choice of gift. We also stopped by and visited Fr. Kirby for tea and a family blessing. This all worked for me because I am someone who likes to receive Acts of Service (cleaning the kitchen) and Quality Time(spending the afternoon with the family, when he was asked last minute to do a First Communion Mass).
How to pick out a Mother’s Day Gift that is Meaningful
If the mom is an Acts of Service Love Language Person then a gift like a coupon book would be a good choice, but then again so would doing the laundry or planting a garden or making her breakfast or cleaning the house, these things can be done on Mother’s Day or at a later date. An Acts of Service Love Language person would also appreciate a gift made in their name to one of their causes. They are someone who is apt to do Acts of Service for others and appreciate that sort of gesture. Donate to their charities if you are not sure if they would appreciate a gift.
If mom is a Quality Time Love Language Person than make sure to make time for her, take her out for something special lunch, mass, a theater performance, a baseball game. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is something she wants to do and you spend time doing it with her.  If you can’t be there in person make a phone call at least or plan a special day for a later time and date.
If Mom is an Words of Affirmation  Love Language Person than a book or a journal filled with photos would be a good choice, or how about a mug with an inscription on it.
If Mom is Receiving Gifts Love Language Person than perhaps a special gift like something monogrammed, or personalized would be a good choice, perhaps something handmade? Try to get a gift that is something she is involved in.
If Mom is a Physical Touch Love Language Person this she will probably enjoy gift certificates for things like massages, or manicures or pedicures, but a hug works well. Physical Touch  people thrive on, nay require a touch from someone, just a hand to hold.

How about you. Moms  what sort of Love Language personality are you? Let your family know what your Love Languages are so they can figure out what to get for Mother’s Day. Don’t leave them wondering what to get you if you are not a Receiving Gifts personality.


Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea. I never thought to look toward the love languages.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks Debbie - using the love languages for gifts makes it interesting for all sorts of gifts.

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