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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Green Made Easy


As Kermit the Frog said “It ain’t easy being green.”, but id does not have to be hard. There is so much that a green lifestyle encompasses sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes there is contradictory information out there. At times we feel guilty if we don’t do it all but just by making one small change we are part of the solution. Just by making small changes even one at time we can make a difference.  So how do you get started? Really anywhere is okay. But if you need some ideas then read on.
  • Use cloth bags  when you go shopping be sure to put them back in the car. One way to remember them when you go in the store is to put something like your coupons. shopping list or purse in the trunk with the bags.

  • Drive your car less – for someone like us who lives out in the country this means I sometimes wait to get something or do without for a little while. Most nights Deacon G drives through town on his way home from work and can pick up things for us. Driving less means coordinating errands and kids activities. We schedule everything on the same night. Scouts, Dance, Soccer Chess Club all happens on Tuesdays, hence our crazy Tuesdays.
  • Get Stainless Steel Water Bottles – These will be BPA free and you can refill them, they will quickly pay for themselves even if the Labrador eats the lids. (yup it has happened.)
  • Turn up the Air Conditioning and turn down the Heat. Set your AC above 72, we comfortably set ours at 78-80, depending on the outside temperature. In the winter set your heat to about 68 degrees or lower. Better yet get timer and set the HVAC system get the temperature to a comfortable range when you are at home. When you leave home you can turn it off or have it revert back to a less comfortable range.
  • Consider Composting – you don’t need to have acreage to do this. It can be done in a small yard, even at a town house. Not sure what to compost, then check out 36 Things You Can Compost.
  • Go Meatless Just Once a Week – Many people regularly go Meatless on Mondays (Meatless Mondays, anyone) and millions of Catholics go meatless on Fridays.
  • Take you Lunch from home – using a reusable bag and containers of course.
  • Hang up your clothes to dry. – if you don’t have a clothesline you can use a drying rack. Even if you only hang up your clothes in the warmer months you will reap many benefits, the least of which is a lower electric or gas bill.
  • Buy Local,  Buy in Season – this cuts down on transportation costs as well as helps support local farmers at the same time. The Farmer’s Market is a great place to Shop Local, but even some regular grocery stores will feature local foods.
  • Recycle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. – Start with the reduce, buy less, and buy things with less packaging. Reuse what you have, before you recycle it try to find a new use for it. Up cycle it first. T-shirts can be made into bags for shopping. Recycle is not just for the curbside you can find new uses for clothes and furniture too.  Try out your local Free Cycle Group.

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