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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Less is More Challenge the Bathroom and Laundry Room


These are rooms that are often neglected.  Perhaps for some of us we have multiple bathrooms, and a separate laundry room . When is the last time you tackled these rooms? It is time to streamline the bathroom. When was the last time you got rid of the clutter in there?
  • Check your towels are they all still in good shape? It might be time to turn some of them into cleaning rags.
  • When is the last time you went through the medicine cabinet? Now is a good time to make sure there are no expired medications in here. (now would be a good time to restock any needed medications)
  • Clean out those shampoos and bath products, how many do you need? Even if you have natural products it is real easy to accumulate more than you can use, even if you make your own.
  • Do you have any mystery items in the bathrooms? I recently found a leg brace that I used 3 years ago when I tore a ligament in my knee. I don’t think I need that but my dear husband thought we should hold on to it n case anyone else in the house needed it.

  • How about the laundry room. How many laundry baskets do you have? Some days it seems like I need another one then other days I am tripping over them.
  • How about the laundry detergent, do you make your own. streamline it and make it in bulk.
  • Clean out under the sink and get rid of the extra cleaning products. If you haven’t already make the switch to more natural cleaners, better yet go with white vinegar or try making your own.
How is your Less is More Challenge Going? What is the strangest thing you have cleared out?

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