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Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes–End of School

It is the end of school year here. I can hardly believe it. We only have 4 days. This has been a very busy month for us with First Communion, Madonna House Tea and Fashion Show, Musicals and Field Trips. We will soon have a couple of weeks off before we dive head first into our summer.

My dear husband has been in Ireland this past week. working, praying and meeting with the Monks at Silverstream Priory. While he he has been gone we have been just as busy as ever here. Hardly time to miss him, which I suppose is a good thing.
greg ireland

We had May Crowning this week at Church and my boy was honored to be carrying the crown, with one of his “best and oldest” friends.His words.
May crowning
Pi and Peanut were in the School Musical this week. Two Performances! Pi had a featured role and sang a solo. She had the Poison Ivy Blues, playing Kate from Krazy Kamp. Pi  is the one in light pink here, with bandages on her head.
posion ivy bluesSorry for the quality of the video. It is from my phone, but My girl can sand and a mama’s gotta brag a little, right? The female back up that you can here is her little sister Peanut.
Pi as Kate in Krazy Camp
Field trips how much fun are those? Sometimes I think the parents have more fun than the kids. I know for me they can be a blast. It is a day off from school after all.
This week we went to the Renaissance Faire and the Science Museum. I was lucky enough to go on both of them. Ren Fairescience trip
Do you go on field trips with your kids? I sure wouldn’t miss them, and will make a point of going as long as my kids still want me to go.
I am as excited about summer break as the kids are. I can’t wait for some fresh starts on things, I plan on taking some time for gardening, getting caught up on some of my personal projects, getting back to an exercise routine and embarking on a juice fast. Yup a juice fast. We are also going to try having the whole family go gluten free. I already am, two of the kids do better without gluten and so does dh. We are already gluten “light” here so it will not be a hard switch for the family. Are you making plans for summer?

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Kathleen Basi said...

With a baby & two little ones, I find field trips stressful! But I've gone on about half, b/c it's important to my son. If I could go to those kinds, though, I would! Ours are quite pedestrian.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

I remember those days, taking a baby or toddler on a field trip with me. We only have one or two per kid each year though, and as they get older even fewer than that.

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