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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thoughts on Miss Me Jeans and Modesty


This Spring the temperature has been running above normal,  about 10 degrees, hovering in the 90's  and with the warm temperatures I have been seeing hems rise. This is nothing like in my mother’s day where ladies wore skirts, though in the late 60’s and early 70’s mini skirts did get quite short.
Since I work in a high school I have the privileged of seeing teens in all their glory. Our school is a small one but it is public and uniforms are not required. l. We are a country school in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. But it is the heart of  Country here, and the girl see the Country stars and want to dress like them. A hot item these days are Miss Me Jeans. They run around $100 and the shorts run about $85. Yes $85 for a material that barely covers the bottom, and they like to pair these shorts with boots, a tank top and a button down shirt, reminiscent of Daisy Duke.

Just in case you don’t remember her, here she is in two different versions. Notice how the times have changed? Jessica Simpson is more blatantly out there so to speak.
Now I love in  a part of the country where it is HOT more than it is NOT. I understand young people thinking that less clothing keeps you cooler. In fact it does not. . But who thought about the boots? Boots with shorty shorts?
As far as I am concerned there is never a reason to wear shorts that short in public. Both of my daughters dance and swim and have dance shorts and bathing suit bottoms that are longer than these without looking like this.

Now that interesting thing about Miss Me Jeans is that they do have Bermuda length shorts. So why have shorts that require special underwear to wear? (ordinary underwear would show)
Our school does have a dress code as do many, here is an excerpt of it.
Andy dress style that is provocative, disruptive disruptive, distracting or extreme is considered un acceptable. Skirts, dresses, shorts etc. must be no shorter than 4” above the middle of the knee.
I am pretty sure that these shorts violate all of the above elements of this dress code.
miss me jeans
Typically we take that to mean that shorts and skirts length should be no shorter than the finger tips of the person wearing the garment, but either way these jean shorts miss the mark.
Now I am all one for understanding that kids want to wear what is “in style”. In my day I am sure that my mother got me some of the most have clothes, not all but some. However what is wrong with girls wearing this style, also by Miss Me?

miss me bermuda
Now interestingly enough the Miss Me Jeans retail from $65- $100 plus, and someone is buying for young teens and even younger girls. Yes you read that right, young girls. I thought it was bad enough to 14, 15 and 16 year old girls wearing the short shorts but to think that girls sizes 7-14 might be wearing them and that parents would buy them. I am not sure if this is true, but I was once told me that they were called ‘Miss Me’ because that was the impression you wanted to make when you were walking away, that people would miss you.

What are your thoughts on young girls dressing this way, and at school? Would you even let your daughter wear the longer versions, bermuda's and pants? Share your thoughts below.

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