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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cooking with Quinoa

Real Food for Real People

Warm Quinoa and Kale Salad (great cold)

_quinoa seeds
Considered a super food by many, quinoa is also considered an ancient grain,. In reality the part we eat is the seeds. Unlike other grains, it is a complete protein. I recently started cooking with quinoa this past fall. It is relatively easy to cook. If you can cook rice you can cook quinoa. like rice. In fact if you are used to cooking brown rice it will take less time. The ration is the same as that for rice two cups of water to a boil  to  one cup of grain. I bring the water or a broth can be substituted to a boil then  cover and cook  at a low simmer and 14–18 minutes or until the germ separates from the seed. You can use a rice steamer if you want, but usually cook up a big batch of grains every few days to use later in other recipes.
Recently I decided to see what would happen if I combined quinoa with another super food  KALE.  The kale is coming up in the garden and now is a good time to use it.

Three Stars (based on 5) --5 being the number in my family, 3 being how many liked/loved this dish. This was so good that my husband and Pumpkin went back for more. 

This is a super easy recipe and is great for those nights you need something quick. 

quinoa and kale


One box of Veg Broth
One clove of Garlic, I used some from farmers market- much better!
One can of organic black  beans
One bunch of Kale
A shake of turmeric
A shake or two of powdered Ginger
A shake of Lemon Grass
A shake of allspice
( I simply shake the powdered spices over the broth, while heating it)

  • Sauté garlic in olive oil
  • Add broth and spices –bring to a boil
  • Add 1 cup of quinoa cook until done -it will absorb all the broth when done.
  • Drain and rinse the canned beans. You could use dried ones if you choose.
  • Remove from heat and add one bunch of Kale  well chopped, mix in and recover pot. The heat will "cook " the kale

Enjoy as a main course or side dish. What is your favorite way to use Quinoa?


Sasha said...

mmm that does look good. : )
I sometimes use quinoa as the filler when I make meatloaf. Works beautifully. I'm thinking it would work in a vegetarian meatloaf as a filler as well but havent tried it.

granola catholic said...

I think you are right Sasha. It would make a great vegetarian meatloaf. I usually use red beans in mine. I will have to get that recipe up one of these days.

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