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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Celebrations

I am linking up with the great people over at Catholic Cuisine.  What wonderful and inspiring Easter celebrations they had. I think I will have to incorporate some of these next year.
We visited another church on Saturday for an Easter Eggstravaganza. I was taken away by the display they had put in their entry way. I especially loved the way the light hit the empty cross on the top.
Sunday was one of the rainiest days we have had in a long time. About 5” of rain fell.  I had to be content with indoor pictures of the kids. We got to church early enough to take them while dh ran around making preparations for mass.

My Peanut, Pumpkin  and Pi
I asked Pumpkin why he was kneeling. He says he likes to pray. I was very happy that this year I was able to find lady like dresses for the girls. Last year I had a horrible time finding an appropriate dress for a twelve year old that was feminine. I am happy with these dresses because not only are they feminine they fit their personalities and we should be able to use them again, possibly for Ordination.
Peanut Pumpkin PI

Pi was not seen for long in her beautiful dress as she was asked to serve Easter Mass. How wonderful for what may very well be our last Easter in our little parish. She and her father served together for Easter.
The Easter Bunny drops off the goodies for our baskets and I fill them and hid them. He comes while the family is at mass. Because of the rain our normal Easter basket hunt was moved inside. Since my clues were written to take advantage of our 5 acres I did a blind hunt. I simply hid the baskets inside and let them loose. While I was handling the basket detail, dh started on our dinner. We had my family’s traditional Easter dinner, Roast lamb, with roast potatoes. I also roasted some pine nuts with asparagus.
Roast Leg of LambRoasted Asparagus with Toasted Pin Nuts
Peanut is my dessert maker. She just loves pies. I know you probably thought it was Pi that likes pie. In years past we have made lemon merengue. But this year we took a little different path. I bought prepared lemon curd. Wonderful stuff, it should be outlawed. I could just eat it straight out the jar, and YES I did, with a spoon of course. I had picked up some sponge cake tartlets. So we spooned the lemon curd in and topped it with mixed berries. We had to take a picture because they did not last. Lemon Berry Tarts
As if that was not enough dh came home from solemn vespers with 3 more Easter Baskets for the kids from a thoughtful friend.
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Patty said...

You have a beautiful family! I stopped in from Catholic Cuisine and wanted you to know your dinner looked delicious. (We need some rain in TX.) May you have a blessed Easter season!

granola catholic said...

Thanks Patty. My grandmother started the tradition. As a young lady she worked for a Jewish family and learned to cook a complete Passover meal. We have carried that tradition down. As for the rain I wish we could have sent some to you. We got about 5 inches of rain this past weekend. Most of it on Saturday night and Sunday. But at least our pond is full right?

Jessica said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for participating in the link up and sharing your beautiful pictures. Happy Easter to you and your family! :)

granola catholic said...

Jessica, it has been my pleasure to meet so many great people like you. I love your blog and your family is so beautiful

Tiffany said...

Hi Lisa~ Popping over from Catholic Cuisine to wish you abundant Easter blessings! Love that asparagus with the pinenuts...looks delicious.

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