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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Obsession in the Garden

Irises IMG_3600IMG_3602
I seem to have an obsession with Irises, one that has been passed down to Peanut and  Pumpkin . One has declared the Iris her favorite flower the other has claimed it belongs to him because it is the emblem of the Boy Scouts.  I have started a collection of sorts, not by design but since I love them and they are not in the house they are not clutter, right. WELL – the problem is that Irises propagate not by seed but rather by rhizome and they need to be divided occasionally. Right now I have a wheel barrow and red wagon full of them. I suppose with almost 5 acres I could find place to put them. Looks like I have a lot of digging in my future. I wonder if I can bribe make that pay the kids to dig for me?
The Iris is a noble flower with a long illustrious history. It is called le fleur de lis
single Iris - deep purple family pictures 118
It has been used by Royalty, sports teams. But what does it have to do with Catholics?
In the middle ages the fleur de lis was used in depictions of  Mary. Some also think it  may also represent the trinity because of it’s three distinct “leaves”.  The lily symbolizes purity and and strength and this is perhaps why St. Jeanne D'arc (Joan of Arc) is depicted with the fleur de lis.
joan of arc
So why this obsession with Irises? Honestly I have no idea why. Perhaps it is their variety that draws me to them. Or maybe because they once were a weed growing on the bank of a river. They were once a humble flower elevated.

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The Gentle Mom said...

I LOVE irises. So beautiful!

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