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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real Food for Real People

I just watched a video by Jamie Oliver.
chicken not do not = real food
It got me thinking about one of my favorite soap box topics. REAL FOOD FOR REAL PEOPLE

Q. What type of food does a granola catholic eat?
A. Crunchy food
the preceding joke is brought to you by my 6 year old. Just add in lots of laughs, you know the hahahaha, “you get it?” types.
But seriously, what sort of food do we eat?
Well depending on the season, it is home grown, or farmer’s market, organic when available, or the price is right.  I buy local beef from a rancher I know. It is grass fed. I grow a small vegetable garden, mostly salad vegetables.This year we are adding fruits, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.  I tried raising our own chickens. It did not turn out well for us. So instead I buy my eggs from friends who have more success. I can also buy local honey from a mom at school.
Due to some health issues we have (okay mostly me). I am now adding gluten and dairy free to our repertoire.  Taking out wheat has helped me so for now I will continue to eliminate or at least limit it. Diary has given me trouble for many years, so that is something I like to limit too.
Having said  all that Real Food for Real People will be a regular category here on Granola Catholic. But first tell me what is your favorite Real Food recipe?



Megan said...

Well, since you were watching Jamie, this is my favorite recipe of his:
It's a divine beef stew!

granola catholic said...

Thanks Megan for sharing, I will check it out and hopefully soon I will share my favorite Beef Stew Recipe.

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