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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Not completely Wordless but with just a few words


The weather has been nice so we are hanging out laundry to dry.

New flowers are blooming each week. This week it is the Irises. Shh, don’t tell anyone I have an Iris habit. I LOVE them. Collect them, can’t get enough of them ( but I have more than I can handle right now). Like a wheelbarrow and wagon full of rhizomes

What we would miss in the yard if we used herbacides. These would be considered WEEDS by some.



Sasha said...

I need a new clothes line put up sooo bad. Your picture reminded me to add clothes line to my shopping list. Thank you : )
Your iris picture made me think of my mother. : ) She always has the prettiest irises, that and tulips mixed with daffodils. Those images just make the weeks around Easter. I can smell them now. : )

granola catholic said...

My husband put up two new lines for me last year. I love them. Ours is actually wire. It holds up soo well. As for the Irises, well they are habit forming in my case. I just can't resist them. Luckily most have been shared with me so I have not had to spend $ on them.

Sasha said...

do you ever have problems with the wire rusting?

granola catholic said...

I have never had a problem with it rusting. According to dh it is heavy gauge wire like the type used for electric horse fence. Our original two lines were here when we bought our house and have never rusted. We have been here for over 13 years.

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